Fkn’ Hotties – Jennifer Nguyen

Fkn’ Hotties – Jennifer Nguyen

This week’s “Hottie of the Week” is the talented and beautiful Jennifer Nguyen! Check out as we bring you an exclusive interview an view exclusive photos from this uprising model!

Name: Jennifer Nguyen
Nationality: 100% Vietnamese baby
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Measurements: 34DD – 26- 36
Astrological Sign: SCORPIO!!!

Websites: (still under construction)

So tell us about a little about yourself?

– There is nothing “little” to know about me. I am a explosion of fun and adventure! I can make you laugh with my magic skill of face making and goofy acts. Simple things make this girl smile and furry animals make me melt! I am a big kid that loves to do joyful things like go to the zoo or the amusement park! I believe corn dogs should rule the world and that everybody should have theme music to everything they do. I love watching family guy and Toys story 3 made me cry like a baby. DONT TELL ME IT DIDN’T DO THAT TO YOU!!! With me around, you wont need TV anymore. I am a 24 hr cost free entertainment system with boobs haha. Besides all this goofy-ness though I am a hard worker. Besides modeling I am also a Go Go dancer, Bartender, Actress and Make-up artist. I spend my time doing one to two of my jobs a day and that could go up to 16 work hours a day. I know I know….IM CRAZY lol. Well I do believe hard work do pay off and I just want too much to be working half time haha.

How did you get into modeling & how long have you been modeling for?

– I got introduced to modeling through my good friend Stanley. He ask me to fill in a spot for a girl that dropped out at a auto show and at first I was like no, but then he talked me into it haha. I still thank him till this day for showing me such a fun career to make mine. Can you imagine what I’ll be doing if I wasn’t doing this? I could of became a Vet….or even a police!….hmmm……..haha everything I think of becomes a sexy photo shoot in my head for some reason! haha

What do you like the most about modeling?

– I love meeting all the great inspiring people and love hearing people’s dreams and their adventure to how they got to where they are today. I do also love all the cute outfits and bikinis I get to wear haha.

What was your most embarrassing moment while modeling?

– Truthfully?…I don’t get embarrassed because I can’t think of anything right now….nahhh…nonneee

What’s the worse or most unprofessional thing that a photographer has done during a photo shoot?

– Oh my gosh…Got a couple but lets keep this interview positive shall we!

What have been your highlights in your modeling career?

– Top 100 for Maxim hometown Hotties, Model scene magazine feature, Sunshine Girl Toronto, Cup of tease magazine, Super Web models Android phone app, Cancer Awareness calendar

I have a lot of big big highlights coming this year so keep your eyes open for me!

What part of your body attracts the most attention?

– Hmm…. a lot of people love my eyes but then again same numbers love my boobs or my butt haha. I think I can say I attract attention in a full 360 degrees. haha

What is one feature you wish you had more of?

– Maybe bigger eyes and fuller lips? Oh smaller waist wouldn’t hurt.

What’s the quickest way to your heart?

– Cook me a meal! I am a sucker for cute things.

Do you have a quote that you live by?

-Life without adventure isn’t worth living at all so live the life you imagine.
– I’m all bout that paper chasing. Body, FLY. Face amazing!

Worst thing someone has done to get your attention?

– Grab my arm really hard or scream at me rudely….NOT COOL

If you had one wish what would it be and why?

– It would be that my parents can live the rest of their lives with no worries of paying bills and if they ever have enough money for anything……that or the ability to eat fried food to save the world haha.

What is a recurring fantasy that you have had?

– Hmm? what do you mean?

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

– I don’t know too much about superheros so give me the one that has the most killer costume! I would soo love to be chung li from street fighter though. It would be priceless to air spin kick somebody that cross me wrong way haha.. ” what?….you talking to me??….AIR KICK!! AHHH!!!” ……ahh…that would be magical.

In fire what would you save makeup/shoes/purses (only choose one & why)?

– Ohmygosh it would have to be make-up…if im going to be in distress i might as well look hot doing it. besides…i do love shoes…but my arms are too small to carry them all. I probably end up dieing in the fire trying to save em haha.

What is something your parents don’t know about you?

– They don’t know I was actually in Playboy nude!…NOT! …LIKE IM GOING TO WRITE THAT HERE!!…nice try!!

Can you fight, or are you the one who all the girls beat up and grab by the hair.

– HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…… enough said

How did you hear about FKN Famous an what do you think of it?

– A wonderful talented boy by the name of Jerry msg me on facebook about it. The name alone is enough for me to say YES! FKN FAMOUS YOOOO lol

Aside from modeling, what is your number one goal?

– Making sure I make enough money to live my life how i imagine it but at the same time be able to take care of my parents and everybody else that I love in my life as well. That and get toned haha.

Any last words to your supporters and future fans?

– Oh my gosh, I can never say enough in this part of the interview. I love everybody that has been supporting me and not as fans but truly as friends of mine. I wouldn’t be where I am today without having friends letting me know that I CAN DO IT! I just want you guys to know that I will always be there for you just as much as you been there for me! Never let go of your dreams and goals because with enough hard work and dedication anything is possible. This world can be cruel sometimes and my friends have always made me see the sunshine in every rain shower. Thank you so much for that. There will be lots and lots of things coming out this year for me and I am soooo excited to tell you all but right now it has to be kept a secret! Try to sit tight okay!! love you all!

I AM FKN FAMOUS!!! <3 If you would like to see more of me please check me out at: - (under construction)

Photo credits to the awesome photographers:

– Jamie Watling Photography, Solo Fotography, MT,, Leechee Photography

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  1. We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer and damn is she sexy.

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