Fashion – The Higher Culture

Fashion – The Higher Culture

Bringing in all the newest lines and fashion daily, coming based out of San Jose, CA. We bring you an exclusive fashion interview with an up & coming brand by the name of “The Higher Culture”. Relax as we get to know The Higher Culture more and how they started their brand!

Clothing line name: The Higher Culture
City / State: San Jose/CA (but want to also represent our home…Talofofo/Guam)
Established date: July 2009

Price range for clothing: $20-$50
Where to buy your clothing:

So tell us about yourself and your brand?

– Started the brand back in July 2009 on the small island of Guam. I (the found) was born and raised on Guam and back in November 2010 added a co-owner to the company Joshua Camacho who is also from the island. The Higher Culture is all about promoting a higher lifestyle. Our designs, ideas, and creativity are open to interpretation, because we believe in freeing the mind and not always being defined. To define would be to confine and create a limit to what can and could be. A limit means once you’ve reached the top it is only down hill from there. We want to be able to say it is all up hill from here on out. Don’t reach for the sky or the stars, reach to infinity and beyond. Collectively we rise together. It will never be lonely at the top, because together we are The Higher Culture.

How did you come up with the name?

– I was back on Guam for summer vacation and in the middle of the afternoon I was in “deep thought” . I asked myself, “ if I were to start a brand what would it be called?” Then I thought, “Higher Culture, sounds cool…but what if I said, ‘The Higher Culture?’” I found that The Higher Culture sounded super cool then I realized the acronym was “T.H.C.”(but not what we are about, just a fun fact haha). So I hopped on Photoshop and drafted up something in like a minute, which is our logo now the arrow with The Higher Culture running down it. I didn’t take the whole thing seriously but I decided to do a total of 25 shirts just to do not really trying to pursue a brand because so many people are coming out with brands and didn’t want to be another cliché. I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing cause I thought they would think it was silly, but when I picked up the shirts with my friend she freaked out when she saw the design cause she thought it was super sick, and asked me what the shirts were for and I told her that I just did a logo and she was telling me it would totally blow up. So with that I posted a picture as my profile on Facebook not promoting it as a brand or anything just a tee and people were hitting me up like crazy trying to get their hands on one. From there I just kept coming up with designs that were catching people’s attention and I never really thought myself as a designer but even I was stunned every time I did a design, cause I myself was super digging it.

What best describes your line & who is it targeted to?

– I would say that we are looking to be an urban brand and just trying to target anyone who appreciated our work, or the people who enjoy that higher lifestyle.

What influenced you to start this line?

– The supporters…if it weren’t for people really taking a liking to the designs we pretty much wouldn’t be doing it, because it was all just done off a random thought.

How is your brand different from others out there?

– I would say The Higher Culture has all kinds of meaning depending how you take it, but we do have that subliminal message…its just up to you to interpret it. 😉

Are there any challenges you run into while running a business?

– The hustle is a challenge and will always be a challenge. We are always trying to find ways to look sharp and be different, because with all these brands coming out impressing people becomes harder because we don’t want to be seen as just another brand.

What ways did you find promoting your brand worked?

– Honestly the number one way to promote right now is social networking especially Facebook. Another way that helps us to get out there is just talking to people, making new friends, and finding the right connects. If it takes you working for someone without pay to learn about the industry, do it, because in the end it is those connections and those people you helped out along the way will put in a good word for you.

Are there any future plans for your line?

– We are looking to be doing themed seasons instead of single releases. We will also be doing some collaborations with pretty well known brands soon, meetings are in place. As to who those brands are keep following us and you will see…don’t want to release to much details yet.

How did you hear about FKN Famous & what do you think of us?

– I heard about you guys from Mighty Fresh Boutique. I heard you guys were there a couple of days ago. We are actually part owners along with Julius Bercasio. We just totally missed you. It was sad to cause when you guys were there we heard one of the racks fell and that rack happened to be the one all The Higher Culture stuff was on haha. Also came across you guys through Facebook, and Halloway.

Any last shout outs?

– Just want to shout out to family and supporters, because without them The Higher Culture wouldn’t exist. To the Usuals for being one of the first shops we landed and giving us a chance. Julius Bercasio and Mighty Thredz (printing our tees with care), all super awesome people who support us a lot.

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