Acropolis – Death Before Dishonor

Acropolis – Death Before Dishonor

This just in from our good friends over at Acropolis Apparel. They are currently getting ready to release their new Fall Collection entitled “Death Before Dishonor”. An we’ve got an exclusive first hand look at the new collection for you. Also Acropolis has taken over “Swag Syndicate” for the month of September. Acropolis is definitely on to big things now!

Our Fall MMXI Collection is entitled “Death Before Dishonor“. The time honored tradition of holding oneself to a higher moral standard. Death Before Dishonor defines the concept of chivalry and stresses frugality, loyalty, self-truth, and honor unto death. Cultures throughout history have had great leaders and warriors who would accept death before dishonoring their family name, their country, or their beliefs. Death Before Dishonor represents a violent existence tempered by wisdom and truth. via – acropolis


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