Fashion – Sleepy Dan

Fashion – Sleepy Dan

Bringing in all the newest lines and fashion daily, coming based out of Dallas, TX. We bring you an exclusive fashion interview with an up & coming brand by the name of “Sleepy Dan”. Relax as we get to know the Sleepy Dan more and how they started their brand!

Clothing line name: Sleepy Dan
City / State: Dallas, TX
Established date: 1999

Price range for clothing: $20 – $26
Where to buy your clothing:

So tell us about yourself and your brand?

– Sleepy Dan is dedicated to all the hard workers out there who never find time to sleep

How did you come up with the name?

– This was a nickname given to me at college by a group of friends. The name quickly spread because I was always tired during the day from working late night hours. You can read the full story at the website under the story category.

What best describes your line & who is it targeted to?

– The line uses an urban graphic tone to grab attention from anyone who shares my love of sleep and anything comfortable to remind them of their childhood comfort zone.

What influenced you to start this line?

– I have been an accessories and apparel designer for the past decade, always working on private licenses and brands then presenting them at conventions and retail meetings. I always dreamed about having my own line to have fun with, then I woke up one day and began creating graphics to illustrate Sleepy Dan!

How is your brand different from others out there?

– I am using all water based inks, so the prints are extra soft. Sleepy Dan uses a graphic style that has a fun and innocent nature so it can bridge a wider age fan base of male and female.

Are there any challenges you run into while running a business?

– Being an apparel designer I understand most of the challenges of production. Being a single man team, I only have so many hours of the day to work, so I depend on friends with branded clothing lines in the Dallas area to help network and grow as a clothing brand.

What ways did you find promoting your brand worked?

– Founded in Dallas, everyone here knows that success depends on how much you give back to your home city. I help out everyone I can with whatever contacts I know of, so we can compete as clothing designers not as production developers. I love to teach friends how to screen print, it is an easy process but it has many small details.

Are there any future plans for your line?

– I am looking forward to opening up a gallery / retail store / design studio. I have been a big fan of Benny Gold for the past several years. He is a rich man, not for the success of his business, but the success of his life.

How did you hear about FKN Famous & what do you think of us?

– I find comfort in researching clothing brands from around the country, every once in a while I find a new and great apparel review blog. I have a daily routine of research blogs and FKN Famous has been on that list for a long time. I am so proud to become part of the blog I read weekly.

Any last shout outs?

– Big shout out to everyone working hard doing what they love. It’s never easy in the beginning but passion spawns greatness. Which is where my favorite line comes from – “You Snooze, You Lose!”

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