Fkn’ Hotties – Ryan Oso

Fkn’ Hotties – Ryan Oso

We’ve got another FKN Hottie for you this week. Coming from Beverly Hills, California we’ve got a Japanese, Korean hottie by the name of Ryan Oso. Get to know how Ryan started out in the modeling industry as well see some of her latest photos!

Name: Ryan Oso
Nationality: Japanese/Korean
Hometown: Houston, TX
Measurements: 32DD-23-34
Astrological Sign: Virgo


How did you get into modeling & how long have you been modeling for?

– I wasn’t really into cars before but my friends were and they would attend car shows and come back and tell me that I should do it. One day I caved in and did a shoot and it felt natural to me 🙂

What do you like the most about modeling?

– Definitely networking and meeting different people. I find it interesting to see other peoples perspective of photography.

What was your most embarrassing moment while modeling?

– I had spray tanned before and I had to pose against a white wall in this gorgeous house and my self tanner smeared all over the wall. Had to clean it off with a mr. clean magic sponge. Much props to the magic eraser sponge.

What’s the worse or most unprofessional thing that a photographer has done during a photo shoot?

– Every photographer I’ve came across were awesome and professional. I hear horror stories from other models and I feel blessed!

What part of your body attracts the most attention?

– Oddly my back.

What is one feature you wish you had more of?

– More booty. Love a girl with a nice backside.

What’s the quickest way to your heart?

– Video games and guns.

Do you have a quote that you live by?

– “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.” Marilyn Monroe

Worst thing someone has done to get your attention?

– Nothing really the funniest was when someone flashed me his penis.

If you had one wish what would it be and why?

– To have endless amount of wishes 😀

What is a recurring fantasy that you have had?

– Wait like a naughty fantasy?

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

– Superman, he’s the man of steel and you only need a pair of glasses for the disguise. bargain!

In fire what would you save makeup/shoes/purses (only choose one & why)?

– Purse my makeup and shoes would be in the purse! haha!

What is something your parents don’t know about you?

– I don’t think my mom knows my age or she’s in denial about hers.

Can you fight, or are you the one who all the girls beat up and grab by the hair.

– I have major chihuahua syndrome. Growing up I was definitely getting into trouble. Never started them but I never backed down. My mom always told me and my sister to defend ourselves and not to be a little pussy.

How did you hear about FKN Famous an what do you think of it?

– From motion and its awesome! I like looking through the gadgets section. I want the Sifteo Cubes!

Aside from modeling, what is your number one goal?

– I went to school for nursing and did the phlebotomy thing, which I love, but this time around I want to be a nurse practitioner and do fillers and injectors on the side.

Any last words to your supporters and future fans?

– For the fans I have now thank you so much for showing me much love! I’ll keep trying to keep up with y’all and keep things exciting 😉 oh! and like my Facebook page:

Photo credits to the awesome photographers : Calvin Jung & Dantheman Photography

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  1. RyanOsosSlaveBoy #

    I have such a fetish for this girls BUTT! OMG! It is sooo nice! I LOVE her hot body! She is nearly perfect except for the tats and the name “Ryan” is that her real name? Would she be my Dominatrix and I’ll worship her beautiful body in person? Nurse Ryan, hmm I wanna see her in that outfit!

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