Honda Mugen Civic Type R

Honda Mugen Civic Type R

Here is a little something for all you gear heads out their especially you JDM ones. We’ve got an awesome quick look at the all new “Honda Mugen Civic Type R”. Let us know your inputs on the awesome new design.

Back in 2010, the Honda Type R Civic was launched with a 2.0-liter variant produced alongside its in-house tuner MUGEN. With only 20 models released in the UK market, 4 of those remain unsold but speculations arise that these will possibly be uplifted to MUGEN’s latest modification of the Type R Civic – named the Type R MUGEN 2.2. Prior to its début last year, Honda’s hatchback engine specs will be expanded upon yet again to include a 2.2 L power-plant. This upgrade results in the engine’s output to 265 hp that goes with 177 lbs-ft of torque at 6,000rpm. Obtaining motorsport components that go along with the Type R viewpoint, the MUGEN 2.2 will carry on exclusive yet stunning technical specs that make it a relatively affordable performance-worthy car. via – hypebeast

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