iPhone 5 Cases Video

iPhone 5 Cases Video

With all the rumors about how the iPhone 5 will actually look. This video now floats around the web showing some Apple iPhone 5 Cases. We’ll just let the video do the talking. Feel free to share your inputs about it! We will continue to bring you the latest buzz leading up to the official launch day of the iPhone 5!

Hype and passionate reaction have constantly surrounded the iPhone since it was first unveiled back in 2007. This time around, with the iPhone 5 subjected to launch in the near future, speculation and rumors have been clenching around this highly anticipated gadget yet again. A report recently stated that an employee of Apple’s supplier, Foxconn Factory, in Shenzhen China had “lost” an iPhone 5 prototype, which was then used to create a mockup case of this yet-to-be-revealed device. It was also addressed that the person responsible had disabled the GPS hardware needed to track it down before selling it to one of the case manufacturers for a reported $3,100 USD. Furthermore, a source indicated that the missing design is said to have been camouflaged as a current-generation iPhone 4, which brings to mind on how the iPhone 4 prototype acquired by Gizmondo was disguised as an iPhone 3GS. It is stated that Foxconn was aware of the damage and had penalized the person responsible to pay the compensation. This information should explain why a whole lot of iPhone 5 cases in various designs and materials are already on sale in China. Should these statements be true, then this next Apple marvel will adapt the “tear-drop” design, which is slightly thinner but wider and longer then the current iPhone 4. via – hypebeast

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