Pras Clothing Package

Pras Clothing Package

Everyone loves getting mail, especially when they are packages! Well yesterday we received an awesome package from our good friends overseas at “Pras Clothing”. Curious to see what we received, well tune into this product/package review. This is definitely a brand you don’t want to sleep on!

First an foremost we would like to give huge thanks to the staff over at “Pras Clothing” for sending us over an awesome package! Definitely loved the limited edition tee. Everything about this tee was on-point. An we at FKN Famous would highly suggest anyone to shop with Pras. This brand is definitely going to be reaching greater heights. Now on to our exclusive product/packing review.

Product Review :

– Packaging : The packaging was pretty simple an clean nothing to fancy. Due keep in mind that this package did com from overseas, so it’s pretty understandable. But overall it was good, it got the package to Cali safely.

– Extras : A few extras we found in the package was an awesome bag which had the Pras logo. Inside the bag we found the shirt wrapped an also included was a Pras Sticker. This was definitely something different an very cool in many ways. Was a huge surprise when opening the package more.

– Design : The shirt you see above is labeled as “Against Zombie Abuse” on their online shops. The design was definitely interesting & very cool. Loved where Pras was going with this. An can tell they spent a lot of time an thought into this design. To make it one of a kind!

– Quality : Overall the quality of the shirt that Pras sent to us was on point. From the packaging to the designs all the way to the little details in the shirt. The quality was just awesome. No complaints at all. Definitely loved the inner design as well as the exclusive hang tags. Those are always a plus!


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