The Hue – Bobby’s World

The Hue – Bobby’s World

While doing our late night business as usual we came across this awesome video from “The Hue”. They did a shore interview on “Bobby Hundreds”. This was definitely a very awesome video to watch. It inspired us to do even more things with the company now.

The Hue caught Bobby Hundreds while he was recently in Canada and produced these two videos (below) of him talking about life in LA and the mindset of being the creative director of a massively successful streetwear brand.

In the first video at around the 2-minute mark or so, Bobby talks about blogging every single day and always having something to share and tell people. I dig that and that echoes some of my own feelings in the 9 years that I’ve run this website. via – doobybrain

Then in part 2 (below), Bobby goes on to describe some of his friends and he talks about the importance of being surrounded by inspiring and hard-working people.


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  1. Thanks for the video man! I seriously needed a reminder with respects to your talk of “Core values” within the brand.

    Much love to The Hundreds & FKN-Famous!

    Javaboi Industries Inc

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