FKN Exclusive – Excel Beats

FKN Exclusive – Excel Beats

This week we are kicking things off with a FKN Exclusive with a very talented artist from Los Angeles, California by the name of “Excel Beats”. Take time time to check out how Excel started in the industry an watch his latest music video entitled “On Some Other”. Huge shout out to DJ Zoe an the staff over at “The Blend Artists” for sending us some great talent!

Artist Name: Excel Beats
City/State: Los Angeles, CA

So tell us a little bit about yourself?

– Music has been apart of my life even when I was in the womb .. my father played for a group called Taxi before I was born and my uncle Lon Fontaine was the dance choreographer of some of the biggest groups out of motown like the temptations etc.. so I guess you can say I was destined to be in the field of music. I was Born in LA and moved around a lot as a youngster but ive spent most of my life running around LA gigging and hustling.

What inspired you to start singing?

– Life experiences and things ive witnessed in my life have always inspired me to create but I would say the initial moment that I can think of that really made me believe I could be a performer was when i was younger I listened to a lot of Bone Thugs N Harmony and I remember one night my family was all together in the living room and someone put on the song east 99 and I grabbed the tv remote and performed the song word for word to them like I was on stage .. this had to be the very first taste of me being a performing artist and from that moment I knew music was meant for me.

were there any hard challenges you had to face in the industry?

– Absolutely!.. I had to lose so much in order for me to taste any kind of success. I’ve had every situation from falling out with close friends to losing managers, major artists stealing songs from me you name it. I have even been homeless before living in an office building producing music trying to make it eating Top Ramen for breakfast lunch and dinner. It really took a lot for me to keep working and overcome those challenges but at the end of the day I was always lucky to have good people in my corner when I was in need. Like how my big bro Chuck took me in when I didn’t have anywhere to go when I was just 18 years old. I owe a lot to him because he taught me alot of things a father is supposed to teach his son and he definitely contributed to my strong work ethic.

What ways have you found was the best way to promote yourself?

– I have found the internet to be the best way to promote .. social networking, YouTube, and email blasts blogs etc.

What would be your most memorable moment while singing?

– When I performed at the House of Blues with my group Top Floor with too short and Pimp C .. what made that night so memorable was because Too Short and Pimp C pulled me and my group member Rolo on stage with them while they did there set.. sadly this was the night that Pimp C passed away. I still look back at that night and trip because even the last picture Pimp C ever took was me and him at the house of blues after a sold out concert just living it up and then bam just like that he was gone RIP Pimp C.

Are there any goals you would like to achieve?

– I stay with new goals you know after every finish line there is a new race .. my longtime goal is to sell out staples center .. I always get pumped when I watch that Jay-Z black album DVD he put out when he sold out Madison Square Garden. So me being from LA you know I gotta make staples mine for a night!

What Can we expect from you in the future?

– You can always expect me to do music but I do plan on diversifying and getting involved in other things that I am passionate about. I love giving back so i have already began using my talents to help the community by teaming up with a web based company called Responsibly at responsibly they give back by helping teachers fund educational projects that would otherwise be funded from there very own pockets because federal and state budget cuts are limiting teachers resource for these projects.

Are there any upcoming albums you are releasing?

– Yes, I am dropping my mix-tape this month entitled (waiting to Excel hosted by DJ Zoe ) this mix-tape is composed of mostly original original material so it does have more of an album feel rather than a street mix-tape feel but def be on the look out for that .. also the single for the mix-tape “on some other” is available for purchase on itunes so make sure to grab that and check out the music video as well.

What do you think about FKN famous?

– I think it’s great .. it gives people like myself a platform to be seen and heard by an audience that may not experience new things like that elsewhere.

Any Last shout outs?

– I gotta give a super fat shout out to my management company Blend Artists and also to my band The Universe my DJ Zoe and last but not least my fans that keep me going.

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