FKN Exclusive – James Blow

FKN Exclusive – James Blow

It’s a new month, we figured why not deliver a FKN Exclusive! We’ve got a very talented producer from “Charlotte, NC” by the name of “James Blow” of St. Else. Take the time to get to know James Blow a little more an how he got started in the music industry, also listen to his latest work!

Producer/Producing Group Name: James Blow / St. Else
City/State: Charlotte, NC
Website: |

So tell us a little bit about yourself.

– Well I’m just a chill dude overall. I make music everyday of my life. Oh and I go to the Art Institute of Philadelphia in my spare time. A couple years ago I started a lil group “St.Else.” Short for St. Elsewhere.

What inspired you/your group to start Producing?

– The Neptunes really inspired me to make music and to actually take it seriously. Their the GREATEST producers ever. I think what really inspires me the most from them are their chord progressions. There isn’t any other producers out there that handles chords like them except Tyler, The Creator. He inspired me a lot as well. Ha funny thing is he was the first person to tell me what a “chord” actually was.

Who are some of the artist you’ve worked for?

– Well I haven’t done any major label work yet, but I’ve produced for @johnlass , Brandun Deshay , LaVish , and that’s about it really.

Were there any hard challenges you had to face in the industry?

– I’m not in the industry yet, but so far my challenge has been how to get in the industry. Once I’m in the industry I think the only challenges I’ll face is how to remain relevant. My sound is a little different so I don’t think everyone will be accepting of it. But you can please everyone ha

What ways have you found was the best way to promote your group?

– The internet is the best way I feel. The internet is what made it possible for us to do this interview. And twitter is good too. Promoting isn’t how it was years ago. There aren’t many people out here handing their demos out on the corner anymore. Now it’s “yo man check my link to my latest mix-tape.“

Is there any advice you can give to up & coming producers out there?

– I would say stay true to your sound. Try your best to perfect it. When I first started producing music I believe many people hated it. As clique as it sounds I just kept practicing till I got better. Even now I feel as if i’m not that good I have so much more to learn.

What is one of your biggest goals in life?

– My biggest goal is to maybe win a Grammy for my work. “Grammy Award Winning Music Producer James Blow” sounds nice.

Is there anything we can expect from you/your group in the future?

– Of course, my brother Jazz Jackson @jazzmaticjaxon is releasing his first EP titled “Why Not Jazz?” Releasing on December 25th. My production is all over that tape. My brethren John Lass @johnlass will be releasing his album “Room For 1 More” on January 1st. I got a few slots on there also.

How did you hear about FKN Famous & what do you think of it?

– Well thanks to Michael @tokenphoto I heard about you guys. Since then I’ve been checking the site regularly. I enjoy it.

Any last shout outs to your supporters and future fans?

– Word s/o to FKN Famous for supporting my music. My brother separated at birth Henry Hill. My St.Else fam Jazz Jackson, and John Lass. Tokenphoto. Oh and Wister whaddup.

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