La Muerta Package

La Muerta Package

Over the weekend we received an awesome package from our good friends over at “La Muerta”. This was a package we’ve been waiting for all season. Huge thanks to the staff at “La Muerta” for allowing us to conduct this in-depth review. Be sure to check out their feature with us as well. Now, here is our exclusive in-depth product review.

So lets kick things off with a little more info about “La Muerta”. “La Muerta is all about: it’s a troupe of mobile, global artists bringing YOU awesome indie clothing–and bringing our artists the freedom and recognition they deserve. We gathered a bunch of artists from all over the world (Mexico, Bolivia, U.S., U.K., Netherlands, Poland, New Zealand, and beyond) whose work we love and we said, “Here’s the first concept. Go nuts.” Now before we start the review, I would personally like to thank the staff over a La Muerta for sending us over this package. Giving us the opportunity to deliver this in-depth product review! We hope that you enjoy it. The package was great, now let’s get to our review shall we!

Product Review :

– Packaging : We always like to start things off with packaging. La Muerta send their product in a black poly mailer with a sticker label on it. On the label featured their logo so we knew it was from them. Pretty clean and simple, great job on that. Inside we found the product in tissue paper. Overall they did a great job with shipping, the package got her safe and sound. An the product was fresh and clean!

– Extras : A few extras La Muerta included were some stickers, definitely love the artwork on the stickers.

– Design : The designs are legit! Just gotta pay attention to all the detail put into it. Also the color choices are on point! Just take a look at the “Lady Death” tee. Also the inner sizing print was simple and clean listed about the tee. As well as the hang tag, awesome touch!

– Quality : What can I saw, I absoulutely love everything about the tees. Being that they are all limited edition, pieces. La Muerta definitely did a great job with all this, and we would highly recommend anyone shopping with them!

– Pricing : Pricing is pretty affordable ranging from $15-$27 bucks a tee. You really do get a lot for the buck. Being that a lot of their items are limited edition. The quality and everything is simple on-point.

The shirts we’ve photography aboved are entitled “D.O.T.D., Panda Pants, & Lady Death. They all can be found on their online store. We’ve listed the links below so that you can check it our for yourself. They’ve got a lot of various designs an items at affordable prices.


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