Threadshow SF PT1 Coverage

Threadshow SF PT1 Coverage

Finally a show we’ve been waiting for since September back when we first found out about the show and RSVP’d. It’s an event called “Threadshow” which was held at Metreon in San Francisco over the weekend. The event was awesome, we met a lot of great people and discovered a lot of new trends. Here is our exclusive re-cap and event coverage from Threadshow. Huge shout out to the staff at Threadshow for allowing us to attend this event and capture some moments and meet with great people. Can’t wait for the next Threadshow, maybe we will start going to the ones in Southern Cali!

So to kick things off we visited our good friends over at Faze Apparel. This was the first time in years that we’ve finally met. Johnny and Herbert at Faze are some awesome folks. Definitely a brand you want to watch out for in the future. Johnny introduced me to some of their latest cut and sew pieces.

Right next to Faze Apparel was a brand based out of the Bay Area by the name of “One True Soul”. Name kinda reminds me of Triple Five Soul. But they did have some pretty unique pieces. Their hoodie was on-point, definitely a first for the hoodie design.

We met with CNTGN Clothing which happens to be in the process of being featured on our website. Definitely an awesome staff they have, great line as well. Very simple and clean!

I remember this brand clearly because we met them over at SJ Made it was San Jose’s very own “Refuse Routine”. They are definitely some chill folks. Very friendly and down to earth, it was a pleasure networking with them. Be on the look out for them on FKN as well!

Right across from Refuse Routine was “Blonde Peacock”. I was amazed with her unique and awesome set up. Had a chance to meet with the owner as well to find out that all of her things are done by her and in-house. She definitely has creativity. Can’t wait to get her on FKN Famous for you to see!

Now the line I’ve been dying to see since they launched not to long ago. Our good friends from Prolific 54. They definitely stepped into the game hard drop their first collection with mainly cut and sew items. These are definitely one of a kind pieces an at a very affordable price! Check in with us as we give you an exclusive look at their latest lookbook! This is a brand you don’t want to sleep on.

I was sucked in by their creative colorways and designs. This is a brand called Turtle Scarf.

So at Threadshow they where doing a whole bunch of giveaways. I was just chilling near the DJ booth taking a break reviewing some of the photos I took when they announced the contest. The descriptions an colors they were naming out matched my outfit. So I won a gift certificate to a brand called “Opera Scura”. Pretty interesting brand I must say when I went to check it out. They have a lot of cool things. So I went to go an redeem my prize, an saw that they had something for pets. So of course that was was I wanted. I will be sure to give you a in-depth look at the product once we receive it. These are pretty much special order items, which is fitted and tailored to your dogs size and etc.

I was super impressed with this brand called “MapleXO”. A lot of their jewelery was made from old used skateboards. Definitely some unique one of a kind pieces.

Here is another jewelry brand that was pretty cool it’s called “Love+Keep”. Had a pretty dope name, and logo. So I was pretty much sucked in and wanted to know more about the brand.

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Photo credits from this event was taken by FKN Famous staff photographer “Jerry Rodrigo”, for future inquires please contact him directly at


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