Mishka Spring 2012 Outerwear

Mishka Spring 2012 Outerwear

We’ve been keeping a close eye to their latest collection. In for another round we take a quick look at some outerwear. Here today we present you with Mishka’s Spring 2012 Outerwear Collection. This collection features a lot of great apparel, and definitely another collection you don’t want to miss out on from Mishka!

Mishka presents its outerwear collection for Spring 2012, ranging from classic American looks to sporty nylon and even a stone-washed denim number straight from Marty McFly’s closet. The Class Cutter Canvas Jaket is traditionally styled, featuring a simple black exterior with striped cotton lining. The Swarm Windbreaker is constructed from lightweight black nylon with neon accents throughout, while the Lamour Keep Watch MA-1 is adorned with designer Lamour Supreme’s take on the brand’s signature eye logo. The Lamour Bomber, meanwhile, may appear to be a nondescript bomber jacket, until one opens it up and discovers the lining covered with Lamour’s insane artwork. Finally, the Hog’s Breath Denim Jacket provides a throwback flavor to the denim jacket with contrast-colored shoulders on both colorways. Check out all the looks following the click. via – freshnessmag


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