Rokbed v3 Case Review

Rokbed v3 Case Review

Last week we received a awesome package from a company called Rokform. We first found out about Rokform via YouTube and really loved the uniqueness in their cases. Rokform was very kind enough to shoot us over their 2 of their top selling items to conduct a review on. We start things off with the Rokform Rokbed v3 Case. So without further due, we would personally like to thank Rokform for giving us the opportunity to get a first hand look at their product and deliver this awesome in-depth product review. This is a very unique case & review you don’t want to miss, enjoy!

So lets kick things off with a little more info about “Rokform”. “Rokform® LLC. was founded by the owners of Two Brothers Racing® Inc. one of the world’s premier aftermarket manufacturers for the powersports industry. The company principals have taken what they have learned as a leader in the powersports industry and have applied it to Rokform®. Launched in January 2011 Rokform®has quickly established itself in the industry by manufacturing uniquely designed and engineered products for the iPhone and iPad. Rokform® products include Billet Aluminum and Polycarbonate Cases, Screen Protectors, Lanyards and Stands. ” Now before we start the review, I would personally like to thank the staff over at Rokform for sending us over this package. Giving us the opportunity to deliver this in-depth product review! We hope that you enjoy it. The package was great, now let’s start the review shall we!

Product Review :

– Packaging : Let’s start off with the packaging. So Rokform sent us the package via FedEx. As always FedEx is a fast and affordable way of shipping. They are always on time with things, and provide great customer service. Inside the package was the Rokform items. As mentioned we will start with the Rokbed v3 Case. The packaging on the Rokbed v3 Case was pretty simple, clean and displayed the product very well. The packaging also featured a lot of key useful facts on the product as well. It was very easy to open the case to. There was also a opening so that you can feel the casing.

– Extras : There wasn’t really any extras included in the package such as business cards, fliers, etc. Which is perfectly fine, maybe in the future they will include it. Along with the actual product they’ve included a Rokform lanyard which you can attach to your case. They also included a mounting system for your car or home/office making it easy to mount your phone with the case. Another item that was included was a Thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip insert and a magnetic insert.

– Design : The design of the Rokbed v3 is pretty solid. When I first saw this case I thought it looked like something out of Transformers. The case almost looked fully metal until I actually held it. The Rokbed™ v3 is more than just a case; it’s a system. The new v3 includes never before seen features such as an integrated lock mechanism, anti slip grip, detachable lanyard and an optional magnet insert. Made from tough polycarbonate that is reinforced in critical areas the Rokbed™ v3 is also one of the most protective iPhone 4/4s cases on the market today, protecting your phone from six directions. I think they did a great job with the design, it’s really unique and eye catching. The Rokbed v3 is very easy to install on your phone and fits snugged. It’s also easy to access your ports and buttons.

– Quality : The overall quality of the case is on-point. I really love the looks of it. I also love how you can also mount the phone easily in your car without all the hideous huge looking mounts. The Rokbed v3 would be a great case to have if you always use your navigation on your phone. The service at Rokform is very friendly and helpful, which is always a great thing with companies. FKN Famous would highly recommend anyone to to get a case from Rokform, their cases are legit! This is definitely a company you should look into in the future. I can’t wait to see what other cases they will bring out next!

– Pricing : Last but definitely not least we like to discuss the overall pricing for one the these cases. So you can easily pick up a Rokbed v3 Case on the Rokform website for about $39.00. Which is a super affordable price for the quality of this case. So definitely check out their cases in the future and visit their online store.

The item we’ve photographed above is entitled “Rokbed v3 Case in White” and can be found on their online store. We’ve listed the links below so that you can check it our for yourself. The Rokbed v3 case is available in about 13 different colors on the Rokform online store!

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