Divided Minds Package 2

Divided Minds Package 2

Sending us over another awesome package was our good friends over at Divided Minds. They were very excited to show us their latest updates to the brand. Divided Minds definitely stepped their game up this time! So with that being said, huge shout out to Divided Minds for this awesome opportunity again!

Here’s a little information about “Divided Minds”. “No one is the same — everyone has their own style and thinks differently. We all have our own mind. Divided Minds isn’t directed towards once specific audience. It can be worn by anyone.” Now before we start the review, I would personally like to thank the staff over a Divided Minds for sending us over this package. Giving us the opportunity to deliver this in-depth product review! We hope that you enjoy it. The package was great, now let’s get to our review shall we!

Product Review :

– Packaging : Arriving at our door step for second time around was a package from our good friends over at Divided Minds. Divided Minds shipped us the package using USPS. Like always USPS is a great affordable way of shipping. Inside the USPS mailer we were greeted by the clothing from Divided Minds. All the clothing from Divided Minds was in poly bags. Arriving into our hands fresh, clean and ready to wear. So overall Divided Minds did an outstanding job with the packaging and presentation of the products once again!

– Extras : Aside from receiving clothing from Divided Minds also included in our package was some new stickers and a button pack. Divided Minds definitely stepped up their game with the goodies. The button pack looks super official and the new sticker designs are great! The stickers are definitely going up on our sticker bomb project.

– Design : So we turn our attention to the designs. Honestly, all I can say is wow! Divided Minds really stepped up the game this time. From the designs, to the color ways of everything. All the designs are on-point! Great job Divided Minds. A new addition to the clothing I’ve noticed was the inner hem tag, which featured the Divided Minds logo. As mentioned by Divided Minds all the tags were done in-house. So as you can see Divided Minds is going that extra mile with everything now. All the designs are really simple and clean!

– Quality : The overall quality of the clothing and goodies that Divided Minds sent us this time are superb. We absolutely love everything about the package. The quality in the garments used for their apparel is on-point. The fact that they are stepping the game up with things is great. Hunter over at Divided Minds has always been super friendly with us and always keeping us updated with his brand. So with that being said, FKN Famous would highly recommend anyone to shop over at Divided Minds. This is definitely a brand you don’t want to sleep on. Can’t wait to see what Divided Minds will bring to the table next!

– Pricing : So just how much does clothing go for at Divided Minds. Let’s start with the Divided Minds Female Tank Top which is $13.00. Next we have the Divided Stripes Tee which is $15.00. Lastly the Stay Divided Henley runs for about $20.00. In all the clothing at Divided Minds are very affordable, and you are definitely getting your money’s worth when shopping at Divided Minds.

The clothing we’ve photographed above is entitled Divided Minds Female Tank Top, Divided Stripes Tee, and Stay Divided Henley all can be found on their online store. We’ve listed the links below so that you can check it out for yourself. Divided Minds has various designs available for affordable prices. So definitely check out their online store when you get the chance.

For more information on this product please visit : http://www.thedividedminds.com/

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