Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant

Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant

Yesterday we had the huge opportunity to try out a new restaurant located near us by the name of Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant & Sake Bar. We’ve had the opportunity to check out some of their signature appetizers, sake, and special rolls! Here is our exclusive food review, and first hand look at Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant & Sake Bar! Huge thanks to Robert Arquero of Inkies Tattoo Studio, Abdul Momeni of Precision Cutz and the whole staff at Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar for the awesome experience!

Located in the heart of Fremont, California is Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar. We were very excited to see what the buzz was all about, and to try out new things!

Here is a little bit about Aniki’s:

Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar is located in the heart of Fremont. Aniki’s is traditional Japanese Cuisine with a Modern Twist. We provide quality Japanese dishes and sushi rolls that will make your mouth melt. Treat your taste buds with some of our amazing specialty sushi rolls, sashimi plates, traditional dishes, non-traditional dishes and fun appetizers. Take down your meal with a nice bottle of Sake or Soju from our wide selection.

Our goal at Aniki’s is to provide you with excellent dishes, quality drinks, and outstanding customer service in a clean, cool, upbeat environment. For an awesome time come to Aniki’s and enjoy our services. Whether if it’s to satisfy your sushi cravings, a night out with the family and friends, a special occasion or just a celebration of life, we have you covered.

Aniki in Japanese means “Brother” in the upmost respect. Aniki’s is founded by 2 friends who became brothers. Both owners of successful businesses they partnered up and brought everything they have to the table. One is a native of the ever fast growing city Fremont; the other runs his business there also. Robert Arquero of Inkies Tattoo Studio and Abdul Momeni of Precision Cutz. Both successful businesses, both ran in the same manner with quality and style.

After entering through the doors we really felt welcomed. What really caught our eyes was the awesome decor! The colorways that Aniki’s went with was very good. I really love how spacious everything was as well as how the side booths were. Also the music playing was very soothing. Definitely giving us a great relaxing vibe while waiting for food and eating.

Also inside Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar you can find a little bar area. Where you can watch the chefs make sushi, have sake, or maybe event watch some sports on their big screen. I really loved the set up for their bar area. The color and textures was outstanding. Everything was real simple and clean!

So the first dish that was presented to us was the “Spicy Crunch Crab Salad”. This was a very unique dish that is exclusively available at Aniki’s. After taking the first bite I was simply sold! This little dish was delicious, I definitely loved the flavor! Aniki’s definitely stepped the game up from your traditional salads!

Aniki’s presented us with a few appetizers this was just one of them. This appetizer was called the “Spicy Garlic Edamame”. This was one appetizer I simply could not stop eating. Lots of awesome flavor, and very good! I really love the direction Aniki’s has went with their edamames.

Now the next appetizer that Aniki’s presented us with was called the “Aniki’s Double Delight”. This awesome dish didn’t last that long, because it was so good! The dish featured a fried asparagus & tempura shrimp both neatly wrapped in beef with onion! This dish is a must have when going to Aniki’s!

Now what would a Japanese Restaurant be without Sake! Aniki’s presented us with one of their signature Sake’s from Tyku, which was the “Tyku Coconut Flavor”. Aniki’s served it to us cold in a very unique container which held the sake and ice separate. I absolutely love the uniqueness Aniki’s has gone with. This really stands out from the rest. The Tyku Sake was very good, as long as you mix it before drinking it. Reason we say this is because the coconut flavor will sit at the bottom while the sake will be on the top. So make sure you swirl it around before drinking.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Let’s get down to business with the special rolls that Aniki has to offer. Aniki’s started us off with their signature dish called “Aniki’s Ultimate Roll”. This special roll features a wide range of great seafood such as shrimp, tuna, and salmon. As a huge fan of salmon and tuna, the freshness of Aniki’s fish was simply on point! After speaking with one of the owners at Aniki’s we found out that they only serve nothing but the freshest fish which are picked up the same day. Also they only pick up enough fish for the day, so that there are no leftovers to just sit in the fridge. This definitely brings out the superb quality in every dish they serve! The presentation of the dish was on-point as well. Really love how simple and clean they went with on the presentation.

Now featured on the “Aniki’s Ultimate Roll” is this very unique presentation of their Wasabi! I really love how Aniki’s thought outside the box with this one! It really gets you by surprise by how big it is and how the details of it looks! Very awesome job for this cleaver ideal!

Now the very last specialty roll that Aniki’s has presented us with is called the “OMG Roll”. And seriously it’s just that “OMG”. From the presentation to the taste, I really just loved everything about it! As we stated before, Aniki’s really goes the extra mile with presentation. Really shows the true quality you are getting with each dish! This roll featured a lot of shrimp. Also I really love how Aniki’s made the ginger and wasabi look like a flower with a leaf! Again Aniki’s really is thinking outside the box with everything!

So now let’s get into a little run down of things as well as an overall review.

Company Name: Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar
Location: 3810 Mowry Ave. ; Fremont, CA
Type of Food: Japanese

Overall review: From their decor, presentation and welcome we absolutely love Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar. We really love how everything is presented professionally and the quality of their food. A lot of their dishes are very affordable, and the amount you are given is just right! Each dish features a great flavor that leaves you wanting more. Honestly, after taking a few bites of each dish we were just left with smiles and happy feelings. I know we’re weird but when eating good food like this you’ll probably do the same. Another great thing about Aniki’s is that each Sushi Chef has their own styles. Making each dish very unique and not so traditional. Overall, FKN Famous would give Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar a rating of 5/5!! Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar is definitely a place you should try out if you are in Fremont! You won’t be disappointed, you can mark our word! We will be at Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar a lot more now! We’ve simply found our newest place to eat sushi!

Before we go we would personally like to thank Robert Arquero of Inkies Tattoo Studio, Abdul Momeni of Precision Cutz and the whole staff at Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar for the awesome experience! It was truly an honor to try out Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar. And it won’t be our last, come to think of it! I am actually craving some Aniki’s Sushi right about now! Be sure to catch their grand opening happening Oct 4th!! We will be there to experience all the action and provide coverage!

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