FKN Exclusive – PROF

FKN Exclusive – PROF

We always love to introduce you to some very talented individuals. Today we have a very talented rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota by the name of PROF! Check out this FKN Exclusive with PROF and see how he started out in the industry! Also listen in to one of his latest songs and watch some of his latest music videos. Shout out to Pitchblend for introducing PROF to us!

Artist Name: PROF
City/State: Minneapolis, MN

So tell us a little bit about yourself?

– My name is Prof. Im an underground rapper thats been making music and doing shows for over ten years. My come up has been completely different than most other rappers getting love right now. From the jump, the movement has been 100% DIY. All of our money has been generated from shows and merch, from within the machine. Its been a slow and steady ride, but we own everything, and the fans are loyal as hell.

What inspired you to start rapping?

– My people. My neighborhood. On the Southside in Minneapolis, coming up when I did, EVERYONE freestyled. We’re all getting drunk and high… rapping every night at house partys. A cypher a night kept the doctor away.

Were there any hard challenges you had to face in the industry?

– Of course. When you do EVERYTHING, you get an obstacle around every corner. Starting our own label, STOPHOUSE, was a great look for my career. Its a select few that put their lives into what we are doing. I trust them with everything. Learning to do everything involved in the game is SLOW, but the ends are more rewarding. Ive been angry for most of my long come up, looking at other rappers like they aint shit, and I should be there. But when we start to see our OWN movement coming around, its beautiful. We are now starting to sell out venues in the midwest and west that some major label rappers arent even fucking with. Love that.

What ways have you found was the best way to promote yourself?

– Free music. Thats how we have grown. We give out free music, and the only way we have grown so far has been fans spreading the shit hand to hand.

What would be your most memorable moment while performing?

– I would say selling out 1st Ave in Minneapolis presale. I was talking with Slug from Atmosphere backstage before the show, and he told me I was the 1st rapper out of MPLS that sold out 1st ave presale, the 1st time they headlined that venue. Thinking about all the legendary MC’s who have came up out of MPLS, that stat sort of had me shook. It was a good moment, a show I will never forget.

Are there any goals that you would like to achieve?

– I’d like to get a couple more girls pregnant. In 2 or 3 years, I want to have TONS OF CHILDREN, I want to be selling out large 2, 3,000 cap venues across the country. I want to also be touring the world at that time. I want to sign a couple more rapper to the label… thats about it for now. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

What can we expect from you in the future?

– More music. I’d like some more collaborations with other heads. More shows, bigger shows. Better videos. Maybe some short films. An appearance on bang bus.

Are there any upcoming albums you are releasing?

– I am releasing “Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3” September 25th. Peep that shit. Its the best.

What do you think of FKN Famous?

– I like stupid fresh gear. Hats tees and shit. I think y’all need to hook me up with a PLUG! I think more heads should know about this shit. Y’all are the best. ps. maybe get me in touch with one of them “hotties of the week.”

Any last shout outs?

– Shout out to my uncle charles, y’all. I miss em.

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