Fkn’ Hotties – Janis True

Fkn’ Hotties – Janis True

We always love to bring you some of the most talented hotties around the world. Holding it down on FKN Famous this week we have a Vietnamese/Chinese hottie by the name of “Janis True”. Join us as we get to know Janis a little bit more and how she started out in the modeling industry.

Model Name: Janis True
Nationality: Vietnamese and Chinese
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Measurements: 32C-24-34
Astrological Sign: Leo


So tell us about a little about yourself?

– I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and just recently moved to Seattle, Washington last year. I am working as a Makeup Artist at Gene Juarez Salons & Spa, one of the biggest salons in the Seattle area! I love beauty, beautifying people and others beautifying me. I’m a big socializer, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t meet all whom I’ve met so far living here. I love it here in Seattle, I really feel like this is my new home (but who knows, I’m thinking about relocating to California!). Even though it’s colder (and I’m definitely a summer girl), the vibe here is so friendly and there’s more to the party scene. Plus, I’m happy being independent and on my own. I love to party, attend events, and just having a great time. I’m still young and free so might as well take advantage of it! I’m going back to school next term to study Marketing and Management. I want to be THE BOSS one day. There’s nothing better than a sexy business woman right?? 😉 Haha. If you ask people about me, first thing they’ll say is that I can EAT, eat, eat. I LOVEEE FOOD! I’m surprised for how much I eat, I’m still pretty petite, lol! On my spare time, you’ll always find me at the gym. I love to run and doing hardcore workouts like cross fit! Otherwise, I’m always with my girlfriends, either shopping or spending the day at the beach.

How did you get into modeling & how long have you been modeling for?

– When I got my first tattoo, my tattoo artist (Peter Paun), asked me to model for his new import modeling company that he was trying to bring back. Dara Chen and Richard Chin were the co-owners as well. I started doing small shoots with them and honestly, I didn’t think I’d get very far in this industry. After I had met Peter’s cousin, Steve Hun, and traveled to California for photo shoots, that’s where I really started to get publicity! I’ve been modeling for just 2 years now and this year is really where I’ve taken more focus!

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

– Definitely meeting new people… networking! You get to meet new photographers, coordinators, and all sorts of people and media in the modeling industry. I also enjoy just being myself in front of the camera!

What was your most embarrassing moment while modeling?

– Probably showing my very first photo shoot sets. DAMN have I really changed and now know the do’s and don’ts! I have some pictures where I didn’t fill in my eyebrows and it looked horrid, haha!

What’s the worse or most unprofessional thing that a photographer has done during a photo shoot?

– I’d have to say, this one time as I was modeling, the photographer kinda stopped and started “admiring” me and kept saying all of these weird, creepy compliments to me… I appreciate it, but at that point, it started to feel really uncomfortable… as if he was trying to turn on to me. Thank god my best friend was with me at this shoot. If she wasn’t there…. I think he would’ve tried to do something. Even my best friend noticed and was like “uhhh you’re not shooting with him ever again.” Word of advice… always, always, ALWAYS have an escort with you if it’s someone new that you’re working with.

What have been your highlights in your modeling career?

– Attending Auto Gallery was my best highlight so far. I competed in their pageant for Miss Auto Gallery and although I didn’t place, I got to meet the other models personally and really felt like I bonded with them like sisterhood. I met so many new people, like coordinators from Extreme Autofest and SpoCom! I never had been to a car show where a lot of the attention was on ME, and photographers were shooting for ME and not just the cars!

What part of your body attracts the most attention?

– Oh, I think my back… everything on my back, lol. I have a huge back piece tatted. And then it leads to my ass! People also bring up my smile too,  they say it’s unique and really brightens up my pictures.

What is one feature you wish you had more of?

– Mmm… can’t go wrong with a bigger ass right? 😉

What’s the quickest way to your heart?

– Being yourself… showing me what I deserve and keeping it real.

Do you have a quote that you live by?

– There’s 2. First one is, “Work hard, play hard”. I have this tatted on my shoulder and there’s a whole story to this too. And no, I did not get this after the song by Wiz Khalifa came out! I used to be a trouble maker… skipped school, hungout with the wrong crowd, failed classes, etc etc. My mom then got me a personal counselor to help me with my behavior and family problems… one day she said that quote to me, to work hard in school and then to play harder when I can and should.. ever since then, it has stuck with me ever since and look at where it has brought me. Living on my own, independent and working a full time job that I have the passion for. The second quote is tatted on my other arm and says “Nam Mo A Di Da Phat”. If you’re Vietnamese, you know what this means. It means “I place my faith in Amida Buddha”. This prayer has saved me and protected me in so many ways. My mom always told me to say this prayer whenever I’m in trouble or need help.

What’s the worst memorable thing a guy has done to get your attention?

– Ugh… okay so I was at the club with my girlfriends and we were taking a shot with a few guys. One of them took his shot and was standing in front of me, and straight up SPIT that shot of Hennessy onto me!!! It was all over my chest and my new dress!!! Uhh, yeah totally lost his chance there! But he at least offered to buy me my drinks for the rest of the night. Ha!

If you could be on the cover of any magazine which magazine would it to be and why?

– PasMag! Everybody reads that magazine… and to be on the cover would be such an honor! I hear it takes a lot of potential to be on there. I mean, even people are competing to get on that cover.

Give us 3 words that you think best describes you and why?

– Fun, energetic and focused. Life is boring without a little fun here and there. Always gotta keep things exciting and worth experiencing! And that’s where it leaves to being energetic, I’m like an energy ball stuck in a tiny little body! I’m focused… like that song by Wale! If I don’t stay focused, nothing gets done and I’m one of those chicks that likes to have a plan ahead of time.

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

– Superwoman! She’s sexy, and a lifesaver. Who doesn’t want to be able to do it all?? And to be able to fly? That’s freakin’ awesome!

In fire what would you save makeup/shoes/purses (only choose one & why)?

– Makeup. I love makeup! (Obviously since I’m a makeup artist). It’s like taking away paint from a painter… we’d be devastated and would feel like we lost our passion.

What is something your parents don’t know about you?

– I think they know pretty much everything… I’m not very good at hiding my secrets with it comes to my parents. They always find out eventually!

Can you fight, or are you the one who all the girls beat up and grab by the hair.

– They don’t call me a “scrapper” for nothing.

How did you hear about FKN Famous an what do you think of it?

– Just from browsing around the media, I’ve always heard about it, but never really looked into the site. I started seeing more of FKN Famous when I was in California. I think it’s a pretty dope company. The website is really detailed and there’s lots to check out on there!

Aside from modeling, what is your number one goal?

– To graduate college. I really want my bachelors degree in Marketing and Management and have a strong career for my future and my family. I’m the oldest out of the siblings, so they’re depending on me. I want to be able to provide for my mom, dad, and siblings.

Any last words to your supporters and future fans?

– As always, thank you so so so so much for all of the support I’ve been getting! You all know I can’t do this without you guys! Thank you to the people who first discovered me, and to everyone who’s worked with me. Thank you to everybody who’s in this industry that has given me very helpful advice and guidance along the way. My fans are who I do this for. I love you all!!! <3

Photos used in this article are taken by Kazimir Jones and Andrew Reistroffer.

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    I believe she has quite an amazing talent with her photography essence… just you wait.. once I make it big as an upcoming producer.. I will track her down and date her some day

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