FKN Exclusive – Cadence

FKN Exclusive – Cadence

We always love to introduce you to some very talented individuals. Today we have a very talented artist from Chino, California by the name of Cadence! Check out this FKN Exclusive with Cadence and see how he started out in the industry! Also watch one of his latest music videos!!

Artist Name: Cadence
City/State: Chino, California


So tell us a little bit about yourself?

– Well, my name is Caleb Lombard. I’m 20 years old, born on October 21st 1992 in Anaheim. I try to bring something a little different to hip hop. I don’t cuss in my rhymes because I feel there’s no need to. I want to be able to reach the masses! The old, the young, and I make music that people can feel. Talking about relatable subjects is something I write and rap about very often. I do more conscious hip hop, but I also like to make music that you can play in parties or at the clubs! When I’m not making music, I’m either hanging out with my friends, my family, watching movies , or just chillin’!

What inspired you to start singing?

– To be honest, Will Smiths “Big Willie Style” album is what inspired me to start rapping. Just the uniqueness in his music really caught my attention. Seeing that he didn’t have to cuss in his songs and still be a huge success really inspired me. They could play his songs on the radio without bleeping out words, and my parents could play his CD in front of my brothers and I when we were younger. Every since then, music is all I’ve wanted to do, and I’ve been pursuing my dream ever since then!

Were there any hard challenges you had to face in the industry?

– There were a few hard challenges I had to face, like rejection. I had to deal with a lot of that throughout my journey. Not to mention having to pay ridiculous amounts of money when you want to open for an established artist just so you can get some stage experience, and try to promote yourself. I’ve dealt with rejection, big shows being cancelled, being kicked out of venues because they didn’t want the openers hanging around the main act, and having to deal with the passing of my mother.

What ways have you found was the best way to promote yourself?

– The best ways to promote myself is to keep making music and releasing it! People need to understand that no one wants to buy an unknown artists mixtape or album, unless of course they know you on a personal level. You have to build a strong fan base, then start talking money. Constantly showing your face, releasing your music, and getting in every single show you possibly can, really helps promote yourself. Getting your face out there, and having people share your music to their friends, families, and co-workers.

What would be your most memorable moment while singing?

– My most memorable moment was just recently! I had a performance in San Francisco, opening for Nappy Roots. While I was on stage, it was amazing to see that every single person in the crowd was dancing to my music! It felt so good to know that I got a good crowd response, and everyone loved the way I performed.

Are there any goals that you would like to achieve?

– My short term is to be very well known and recognized in my area within the next few months. My long term goal is to finally be able to say, “I’ve made my dream come true”. Being able to travel all over the world doing what I love, and being able to touch people in a positive way through my music will definitely be a dream come true. I’d like to start becoming well known throughout the music industry, and to start getting looks from major labels and major artists to sign or for collaborations. Constantly doing shows would be the life I want to live.

What can we expect from you in the future?

– In the future you can expect music videos, new music, my mixtape “199Two”, releasing January 1st 2013, major performances, interviews, update videos, and hopefully some television time!

Are there any upcoming albums you are releasing?

– I am releasing my new mixtape “199Two” on January 1st 2013. I want to start the new year off with a head start!

What do you think of FKN Famous?

– I think FKN Famous is a great website! It helps young artists like me promote ourselves just a step further than we could before. Not to mention it’s FREE! They’ve featured great talent that I believe the world needs to be on a serious look out for!

Any last shout outs?

– First and foremost, shout out to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for constantly blessing me, even when I don’t deserve it. Shout out to my dad, my little brothers, Chase and Canaan! Shout out to all of my friends! I can’t name you all because there’s too many of your guys! Shout out to Carter Management, for helping me make my dreams come true! Shout out to Nappy Roots for being so cool and letting me hang backstage before my performance in Reno Nevada! Shout out to all the other artists out there trying to make their dreams a reality! Last but not least, shout out to my beautiful mother. She’s living in Heaven amongst the angels now. I promise your story and your legacy will live through me. I miss you, and I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see you again!

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