Reflection Dynamiks Package

Reflection Dynamiks Package

Keeping our heads warm this winter is none other than Reflection Dynamiks! Reflection Dynamiks was very kind enough to send us over a care packaging giving us a quick look at some of their latest headwear! So with that being said, we would personally like to thank Reflection Dynamiks for this awesome opportunity! Reflection Dynamiks is definitely a brand you should look into!

Here’s a little information about “Reflection Dynamiks”. “Back in 2007 in NYC an idea emerged. For a clothing brand that would incorporate all cultural aspects of Art, Music lifestyle and all other aspects of self-expression. For three years the idea never materialized until one day reflecting on my thoughts I finally decided to turn it into reality. Thus Reflection Dynamiks was born based on the concept that clothing truly is a reflection of one’s self, hence our brand name. As I set upon my journey with mission at hand I met all the people that would complete the puzzle to make this happen. We now pride ourselves in delivering high quality garments and well thought concepts in our designs in contrast to the excessively commercialized market. We work in conjunction with artists and illustrators to bring our ideas to life while delivering them in their most naked form.” Now before we start the review, I would personally like to thank the staff over at Reflection Dynamiks for sending us this package. Giving us the opportunity to deliver this in-depth clothing review! We hope that you enjoy this new review. The package is on-point, definitely a huge fan of their clothing. Now we present you with this awesome review on Reflection Dynamiks!

Product Review :

– Packaging : Arriving at our doorstep was a package from our good friends over at Reflection Dynamiks. Reflection Dynamiks sent us the package via USPS. Packed inside the package were a few products from Reflection Dynamiks. Everything was neatly packed in a poly bag. Arriving into our hands, fresh, clean and ready to wear. Overall, I personally think that Reflection Dynamiks did an outstanding job with the packaging and presentation of their products!

– Extras : Along with the products Reflection Dynamiks sent us. We also found a few extra goodies. Goodies which included some custom Reflection Dynamiks buttons and stickers. And you know us we love stickers, so these are definitely going towards our stickerbomb project! As for the buttons, we love them too. So kudos to Reflection Dynamiks for including some awesome extras!

– Design : Reflection Dynamiks presented us with a few headwear pieces. Reflection Dynamiks introduced us to their latest series of beanies. There were about 3 different beanies in differ colorways. The design was fairly simple and clean, nothing to crazy or fancy which was really good. The beanies featured a Reflection Dynamiks tag on it. Everything look really professional! So good job to Reflection Dynamiks on the awesome concept and design for their headwear!

– Quality : Next we get into the overall quality of things. Everything that Reflection Dynamiks has presented us with has been superb. I really love the quality of the beanies. The beanies are very comfy and lightweight. The staff over at Reflection Dynamiks has been nothing by friendly since day one. So if you are in the market for some new apparel, we highly suggest you look into Reflection Dynamiks. Can’t wait to see what Reflection Dynamiks has in store for the future! This is definitely a brand to look into!

– Pricing : Now that you’ve gotten a detailed look at some of the beanies Reflection Dynamiks sent us. I bet you are wondering how much some of their headwear run for. Well after visiting the Reflection Dynamiks you’ll find that their beanies cost about $19.99. The price is pretty standard yet affordable. So you are definitely getting your money’s worth when shopping at Reflection Dynamiks. The overall quality is on-point! The beanie also comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

The beanies we’ve photographed above is entitled “Empire Logo” and can be found on their online store. We’ve listed the links below so that you can check it out for yourself. Reflection Dynamiks has various apparel and products available for affordable prices. So definitely check out their online store when you get the chance.

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