United Schemers Winter Package

United Schemers Winter Package

Keeping us fitted for the winter time is none other than our good friends over at United Schemers. United Schemers was very generous enough to send us over a care package introducing us to some of their newest offerings for Winter 2012! I had to admit, I was very impressed with what United Schemers had presented us with. United Schemers definitely stepped their game up! Curious to see what they sent? Well check out this detailed look!

Box full of goodies, featuring United Schemers Winter 2012 Collection.

Everything arrived safe and sound, neatly packed in poly bags.

United Schemers always include extras such as stickers, business cards, etc.

Some of their awesome Good Wood pieces.

Navy & Light Wood Bracelet:

Charcoal & Black Wood Bracelet:

Black & Gold Bracelet:

Military & Black Bracelet:

Brick & Dark Wood Bracelet

Some 5-Panel Caps. This is something I was really excited for! The overall quality on these are legit!

Burgundy/Charcoal Grey Camp:

Black/Military Camp:

Navy/Brick Camp:

Balance of Power:


Strength in Numbers:

Stealth Crew:

For more information on this collection visit: http://www.unitedschemers.com/

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