Fashion – MKNK Clothing

Fashion – MKNK Clothing

We love bringing you some of the most dope brands & stores around the world. Holding things down in the fashion industry we’ve got an awesome brand from Istanbul, Turkey by the name of MKNK Clothing. Now relax as we get to know MKNK Clothing a little more and how they started out in the industry. Also get a closer look at some of their latest apparel!

Clothing line name: MKNK Clothing
City/State: Istanbul / Turkey
Established date: 10.2012

Price range for clothing: T-shirts: 25 Usd Hoodies : 60 Usd Snapbacks: 35 Usd
Where to buy your clothing:

So tell us about your brand?

– MKNK Clothing is a street wear brand based in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded and designed in 2012 by Derin Ciler aka MEKAZOO. MKNK Stands for mekanik and heavily inspired by pop culture and urban life. MKNK is a concept brand with limited edition products and will always stay this way. I don’t use blanks like most of the brands do, all MKNK products are custom made, cut & sew garments to guarantee great quality and cut. MKNK is not about the trends or the current hype. It’s all about things i really love and the way i express them.

How did you come up with the name?

– I was looking for a similar name to my designer nickname. So i thought MEKANIK would be cool. But it was a bit long so it became MKNK. Easy to remember and sounds great.

What were you doing before launching your brand?

– I am a freelance designer/ illustrator and go by the alias MEKAZOO. I do graphic design, illustration, character/toy design and t-shirt designs for companies and brands. I am still freelancing both working with huge brands like Nike and also new clothing brands. MKNK’s designs are a bit more simplified and graphic versions of my own style.

When did you begin thinking about launching your own clothing brand?

– I was always thinking about this, I mean the idea was there for over 10 years. Finally I thought it was time to start and pulled the trigger last summer.

What best describes your line & who is it targeted to?

– Like I said it’s heavily influenced by pop and urban culture. But there’s a twist, all the designs have an old school and nostalgic feel to them. I was born in 1983 and grew up in 80’s and 90’s era. Most of my ideas or influences are coming from that wonderful age. I take that old themes and design them in a new and sharp way. So the brand is targeted to people sharing similar interests and a mutual love of that era.

What influenced you to start this line?

– It was always with me, I was always impressed by the idea of having your own brand.

How is your brand different from others out there?

– I think I have a distinctive style when it comes to drawing things. I am using that style when I am designing for MKNK too. In the production side, all MKNK products are cut and sew. I don’t use cheap blanks. They are all created from the scratch for a purpose.

Are there any challenges you run into while running a business?

– It’s really hard to have a new brand. It’s really exciting to see that people are starting to recognize the brand little by little.

What ways did you find promoting your brand worked?

– Mostly clothing blogs also Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook helps too.

Are there any future plans for your line?

– Yeah for sure WORLD DOMINATION! Well i am looking forward to add more styles like varsity jackets, skateboards, designer toys to the collection.

How did you hear about FKN Famous & what do you think of us?

– I was searching for streetwear/lifestyle blogs.

Any last shout outs?

– Thanks to everyone who supported us from the start or will start to support in near future.

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