FKN Exlcusive – Meital Dohan

FKN Exlcusive – Meital Dohan

Every week we love to introduce you to some new talented individuals. Well today to we’ve got a talented singer from the UK by the name of Meital Dohan. Check out this FKN Exclusive with Meital Dohan and see how she started out in the industry. Also check out her latest music!!

Artist Name: Meital Dohan
City/State: United Kingdom

So tell us a little bit about yourself?

– I’m the sunshine in the sky, the sparkle in your eye and more than all, I’m water dew cause my name Meital means water dew. I also have a tiger named Charlie who is more a confidant than a friend. Watch how we play in the pool together:

What inspired you to start singing?

– Well I’ve always been an actress and performer. The story of how my singing came to be is kind of wild. I met with a spiritual guide in Israel, who is very inspiring and intuitive. She told me I was meant to be writing, recoding and performing music. At first, I thought it was strange but as soon as I came back to the US I met producer Che Pope at a party and everything seemed too perfectly aligned for it to not be meant to be! We immediately started recording together and music felt like my second skin from day one in the studio.

Were there any hard challenges you had to face in the industry?

– Of course there are challenges. To me the biggest challenge as an artist and creator is to always listen to yourself and your intuition. People around you will try to shift your direction to suit their version of you, but ultimately, you have to be proud of yourself and what you put out there. So the challenge is to always take time to listen to that little voice in my head, and trust that its leading me on the right path.

What ways have you found was the best way to promote yourself?

– I’ve always been an early adopter of social media so I really like directly talking to my fans on my various social channels like facebook, instagram and twitter. To me it feels very direct and I like that I can have a live dialogue with my fans and hear their point on view. So here I am:, @meitaldohan, Please stalk me online!

What would be your most memorable moment while singing?

– I wrote Give Us Back Love on the holiday of Yom Kippur. Its a holy holiday where you’re supped to ask wishes and forgiveness. Give Us Back Love is a prayer of melody and lyrics that came our of my mouth the light in the universe.

Are there any goals that you would like to achieve?

– My goal is to be happy and make others happy. Put smiles on people’s faces and maybe worldwide peace would be the result…

What can we expect from you in the future?

– There’s so much happening right now it’s all so exciting. I just got back from Europe from a productive press tour. I love the live nergy of performing and connecting with my fans. I have a new music video coming out for my new single, GIVE US BACK LOVE. I’m also working on a few feature films and a TV series. Busy is the new black.

Are there any upcoming albums you are releasing?

– Yes, I’m almost finished my album, I’M IN HATE WITH LOVE. I’m a total perfectionist, so just dotting all the i’s and crossing the t’s beforeit’s out there for the world to share.

What do you think of FKN Famous?

– Any platform that is supporting talent and women is something I’m going to be a huge fan of!

Any last shout outs?

– Is this my Oscar moment? I’d like to thank…….Charlie. My tiger Charlie.

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