Sock Panda

Sock Panda

Introduced to us via email was this awesome sock subscription company by the name of Sock Panda. Sock Panda gave us an awesome opportunity to check out a monthly subscription, to get a more detailed look at what they have to offer. So with that being said, I would personally like to thank Sock Panda for this awsome opportunity!

Just like us, this was the first time hearing about Sock Panda. Here is some information about Sock Panda. “Sock Panda was started in 2011 to change the way people see, buy, and wear that most overlooked article of clothing: socks. We believe there’s more to it than simply black or white – we believe there’s unparalleled opportunity. With their choice of socks, people can express themselves easier and cheaper than with any other piece of clothing. That’s why we search the globe to hand-pick the very best in sock stylings – the finest fabrics, boldest colors, most daring designs – and curate an ever-changing assortment for our customers. Simply tell us your style preferences and we’ll send you awesome new pairs every month, saving you time and money with our dedicated, personalized service. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, or if people don’t stop you to say, “Nice socks,” send the pair back to us and we’ll get you a replacement. Simple as that. From our headquarters in Venice, CA we at Sock Panda are working to redefine a quotidian but crucial part of your wardrobe, and help people put their best foot forward one fantastic pair of socks at a time.” – via Sock Panda.

So let’s kick things off with the product packaging. We received the package via USPS in a pretty cool custom poly mailer from Sock Panda. Pretty cool and exciting to open once you’ve received it. So awesome job on the visuals on the packaging Sock Panda.

Inside the poly mailer we were greeted by a variety of things from Sock Panda. We were presented with two pairs of socks as well as a nice note from Sock Panda.

It’s always great to receive a little extra, esp coming directly from the company. In this case we got an awesome little thank you note from Sock Panda.

So the first pair that was presented to us was from ggorangne. Please advise that you receive socks at random being that this is a monthly sock subscription.

Here is a detailed look at the sock from ggorangne. Pretty awesome quality and fabric if you ask me!

Next we got a pair of crew socks from PACT. I really love the color on these as well as the quality!

Overall thoughts on Sock Panda: I personally think that is a pretty neat monthly subscription, for those that like to collect socks! The montly subscription cost about $11 a month and you can choose from receiving Bold Socks or Cool Socks. So definitely not a bad ideal to check out Sock Panda sometimes.

For more information on Sock Panda visit:

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