FKN Visits – RMD Garage

FKN Visits – RMD Garage

During out day trip out in Southern California with Hella Grounded. We also paid a quick visit to RMD Garage. This place is wonderful, definitely got a lot of inspirations from this place! Here is a quick look at RMD Garage shot by staff member Jerry Rodrigo. Huge shout out to RMD Garage for the awesome tour and hospitality!

Located in Long Beach, California is RMD Group. Now from the outside, you wouldn’t have noticed hides a few jewels inside. Truely an honor checking out this beautiful location!

So here is RMD Garage. I really love how clean and organized everything was. Typical shops are very messy and unorganized, so it was really good seeing RMD Garage was clean!

RMD Garage’s famous Ford F-100. Such an awesome build! You really just have to see it in person!

A Mustang RTR, nicely nested on a lift.

Under the Mustang RTR was this vintage Honda Motocycle.

Tiffany & Co themed Impala.

Black on Black Continental!

My favorite aisde from the F-100 was this awesome Rat Rod! Very nice and clean build!

A wall full of Vintage bicycles.

A few more vintage bikes.

Come vintage Coca Cola Machines and other stuff.

A Chevy Bel Air they are currently working on, can’t wait to see the outcome of this one!

Last but not least we have a 1947 Harley Davidson Flathead.

For more information on RMD Garage visit:

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