FKN Exclusive – After Romeo

FKN Exclusive – After Romeo

Every week we love to introduce you to some new talented individuals. Well today to we’ve got a talented boy band from Hollywood, California by the name of After Romeo. Check out this FKN Exclusive with After Romeo and see how they started out in the industry. Also listen to one of their latest songs!

Group Name: After Romeo
City/State: Hollywood,Ca

So tell us a little bit about yourself?

– “Jayk and myself moved from Las Vegas to LA to chase our dreams of doing music. We met TC playing a pick up game of basketball in Burbank. The three of us clicked really well so we started hanging out a lot. A few months later TC’s childhood friend Blake moved out to LA and the four of us really got along and decided to start a group together. One day I was asked to speak at a performing arts school about writing songs (because I have written songs for Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Cody Simpson, Sean Kingston, Big Time Rush to name a few) While there I met Devin. He was the only boy in a class of all girls. I introduced him to the guys and boom…there were 5 of us. We wanted a band name that was something people would remember and be familiar with. We thought of Romeo + Juliet because its the most famous love story in the world and most of the music we were working on was about young love and what you go through in relationships. We came up with the idea of basically starting up where Romeo left off. After Romeo. We promise to be as dedicated to our fans as Romeo was to Juliet. In fact we invite our Bromeos + Juliets to join us as we search for our real life Juliets. Out of 7 billion people in the world we can only choose 5 in the end. So who will it be?” -Drew

What inspired you to start singing?

– All of us grew up either doing musical theater or being in a choir. Blake and TC went to a dance studio together. Jayk comes from a family of singers. Devin’s mom has told us stories of how he sang before he said his first words. “My dad was an Elvis impersonator so I was always around music and lights and crazy costumes.” -Drew As far as musical influences we all have our personal favs Stevie Wonder, Beach Boys, The Beatles, Elvis, Chris Brown, N Sync, Justin Timberlake, Craig David.

Were there any hard challenges you had to face in the industry?

– It’s a very difficult business to be in especially when you are involved with the entire process of everything. We have our success through hard work and dedication with no multimillion dollar company funding us. Literally everything was built of from ground 0 with us. It’s been a lot of ups and downs, good and bads, test and trials to see what works and what doesn’t. We all love doing this and have made this our lives.

What ways have you found was the best way to promote yourself?

– Well our tour introduces us too numerous fans every day but we love Instagram the most I think. You post a photo and a short message. You get the point across quick and easy. Straight to the point. We love talking to our fans though so twitter helps out a lot with that.

What would be your most memorable moment while singing?

– Omgosh Devin’s mishaps!! He has knocked benches over on stage…lost his shoe…fallen….not been able to climb back up on stage after jumping down. He is hilariously clumsy.

Are there any goals that you would like to achieve?

– We want to help as many kids out there that we can. There is so much bad going on around the world and we want to do what we can to stop it. Ourmission is to spread a good fun message with our music image and lives. We want families to be able to listen to our music and watch our videos and not worry about seeing something vulgar or foul. We would love to do a stadium tour across the world.

What can we expect from you in the future?

– We are releasing an exclusive “concert only” EP called The Love On Lock EP….it is only available at our shows. Not online…not on iTunes…not on youtube. Only physical copies will exist. We are asking all our fans to not post up the songs online anywhere because we want it to be something special that you can only get at our shows when you meet us. Something exclusive for our AR family. We are also launching our new app After Romeo. It will be a collection of all our social media all in one place…it will feature music you can only hear on the app and constant new music only available there. We also will be doing exclusive personal videos to our Bromeos+ Juliets on the app. There’s some magical parts about that app that you just have to wait to get it to experience. =) We are continuing our Bully Proof Tour through the remainder of the year. Visiting a total of over 1000 schools nationwide in over 65 cities.

Are there any upcoming albums you are releasing?

– just answered that above haha. The Love On Lock EP will be in the US. Our Japanese full album comes out in Feb. =)

What do you think of FKN Famous?

– We are glad to be apart of it. Such an awesome site…all our favs in one place. I mean you get dressed in the morning listening to music so why not put the two on a site together. We are all big shoppers….clothes clothes clothes and a whole lot of shoes. =) “Drew has over 600 pairs of shoes” says Devin “he has 9 closets of clothes, it’s ridiculous!” “I just wrote a song called “Fresh Kicks” and its basically about comparing your love for a girl to your love of sneakers haha. It was a lot of fun to make.

Any last shout outs?

– Hi mom hi dad =) Check out our new single “LOL (Love On Lock)” Available on iTunes. The music video is on our channel. Hopefully we can see some of you on the road really soon! Follow us on our social media for the latest updates and some personal messages. ; ; ; ; Visit to sign to become an official Juliet and you get lots of awesome prizes and special chances only available for Official Juliets.

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