Venue Trade Show

Venue Trade Show

Last week we headed out to Downtown Los Angeles for Venue Trade Show. This event was held at The Cooper Design Building. Venue invited us to be one of their bloggers in The Blogger Center. Here is some event coverage from taken by Jerry Rodrigo. Huge shout out to Venue Trade Show for another successful event!

The Blogger Center at Venue Trade Show where we were along side a few other top blogs.

We ran into our good friends over at Suspicious, which was featured on our website last year. Pretty cool to finally meet those you’ve worked it. Suspicious gave us a quick run down of their newest collection.

Catching our attention with their custom booth is none other than a brand by the name of Mellow Apparel Co. This brand had a lot to offer for both men and women.

After catching them all over Instagram we had the pleasure of meeting Privileged. Pretty awesome folks from Los Angeles. Definitely look forward to doing more business with this brand.

We also ran into San Jose based brand Credo Immortals. Pretty cool folks trying to get their name out there in the industry.

Chicken Pesto from Love N Eat.

Above Royalty gave us a quick run down of their entire collection. Very nice selection from this brand, they have a lot to offer.

A brand by the name of Wolf Dork had my attention. I really loved the artwork with this brand as well as the awesome color ways. Wolf Dork definitely wasn’t afraid to step our of their comfort zone.

Shalom from Santa Cruz, had a pretty nice selection of floral headwear.

Love is Earth gave us a quick run down of their latest collection.

Pretty nicely themed brand by the name of LATOKYO.

Grand Society had the accessory game on lock!

Finally had the chance to meet the folks over at E THE REAL. Which have been feature on our website numerous of times.

BEINHABITED was in full force. Even the lovely Bana had a wonderful speech at the design panel.

San Jose based Breezy Excursion was in full force also with a bunch of custom Breezy Excursion

Now here is a footwear brand to watch out for. Stevin Gold had a awesome selection of footwear and apparel.

Hawaii famous beatboxer Jason Tom showing us some love at the Freelance Booth.

A brand to definitely watch out for is Others. They’ve been featured on our website numerous of times. It was pretty awesome finally meeting them and seeing what’s new!

Our good friend Drew over at United Schemers gave us a quick run down of their newest installment of headwear.

After hitting us up on Instagram, we just had to visit the folks over at Medium Apparel. Definitely love what they had in store. Very bright and colorful!

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Photos taken from the Venue Trade Show event was taken by “Jerry Rodrigo”, for future inquires please contact him directly at

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