Fashion – CYL Apparel

Fashion – CYL Apparel

We love bringing you some of the most dope brands & stores around the world. Holding things down in the fashion industry we’ve got an awesome brand from California by the name of CYL Apparel. Now relax as we get to know CYL Apparel a little more and how they started out in the industry. Also get a closer look at some of their latest products!

Clothing line name: CYL Apparel (Create Your Legacy)
City/State: California. (Southern)
Established date: 10-15-12

Price range for clothing: Very Reasonable (Beanies-$12, Shirts-$25, Sweaters & Hoodies-$45)
Where to buy your clothing: (we are also carried in retail locations, for more info contact

So tell us about your brand?

– CYL Apparel is an active lifestyle brand that produces quality apparel and headwear for the snow, skate, and street communities. Established in October 12’ CYL is an acronym for ‘Create Your Legacy’.

How did you come up with the name?

– My Business partner (Bryan Bumbarger) and I have always had a passion for being entrepreneurs, and creating our own legacy. Inevitably Create Your Legacy came about!

What were you doing before launching your brand?

– Working full-time in sales and researching fashion.

When did you begin thinking about launching your own clothing brand?

– I have always had a passion and taste for fashion, and loved printing and making shirts for friends and family. We began thinking about starting our own line in late 11’.

What best describes your line & who is it targeted to?

– CYL Apparel doesn’t represent one single person or idea. We signify an alliance of closely knit friends, athletes, artists and shredders who all share the same creative and confident attitudes. We are an active lifestyle brand that targets our line to skate, snow, and street cultures! We don’t believe in limiting ourselves to any specific category.

What influenced you to start this line?

– A huge influence was seeing how much skateboarding, and snowboarding has evolved due to fashion and street culture.

How is your brand different from others out there?

– We don’t follow trends, we set them! We feel that loads of companies are following the herd and printing designs that have no meaning or depth to them. We stay original and true to our skateboarding and snowboarding roots! (NOT HATING) (JUST STATING)

Are there any challenges you run into while running a business?

– Yes of course but the challenges are what make you stronger; you have to figure out a solution and stay MOTAVATED!

What ways did you find promoting your brand worked?

– Guerrilla Marketing, being out on the streets representing the brand effectively, linking up with positive people who reflect your brands image. Attending and vending at any show, event, comp. etc… You never know who may be there. Network with everyone!

Are there any future plans for your line?

– Yes, we are currently finishing our ‘Dreams Create Legacies’ Winter Collection and have some bangers dropping soon!

How did you hear about FKN Famous & what do you think of us?

– Venue Trade Show. We love what you’re doing.

Any last shout outs?

– Just want to thank everyone who has helped and guided us along the way, we appreciate all the support! Huge shout out goes to FKN famous.

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