FKN Exclusive – EL BBQ

FKN Exclusive – EL BBQ

Every week we love to introduce you to some new talented individuals. Well today to we’ve got a awesome interview with our good friend Vu with his 1992 Honda Shadow VLX called “EL BBQ”. Check out this FKN Exclusive with Vu and see how he started out this build. This is definitely an exclusive your don’t want to miss!

Bike Year/Make/Model: 1992 Honda Shadow VLX
Car Color: Matte Black

Current Modifications:

– Custom clip on bars, bronze grips, cleaned up handlebars with custom start button (removed kill switch controls and headlight controls), highlight switch on headlight housing, custom exhaust with titanium heat wraps, Hard tail strut with hard tail rear frame, wire tuck, custom “oil tank” used to hide all the wires for wire tuck, lowered front shocks, suicide shifter with brass knuckle shift knob, TJ Bruttal brass shifter peg, Dime city velocity stacks, 145 main jets, Solo seat with copper seat springs, digital volt meter

Future Modifications:

– More brass accents (bolts) , Springer front end

So tell us a little bit about yourself.

– My name is Vu Phan currently residing in San Jose. Im a production manager at a logistics company by day…batman at night! I also am the co-founder of V2 Productions and part time grease monkey. I live for the thrill of adventure. Stealing this quote from the infamous Cary.. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none.

What sparked your interest in motorcycles.

– Ive always had an interest in motorcycles even before I could afford one. After I graduated, I picked up my first bike, an 06 cbr600rr. I fell in love instantly. I loved the freedom that came with it. Anywhere I wanted to go, I felt like I could go. Many of my friends had motorcycles so we would all cruise the mountains every weekend. The feeling is something you cant describe. They say 85% of pilots ride a motorcycle. Jet pilots say riding a motorcycle is the next best thing to flying. That’s how it feels like. When you ride on a beautiful road, you can’t help but smile. You feel so free, like nothing in the world is holding you back. Just imagine being on a roller coaster but without all the ups and downs, just speed and the wind in your face. Every worry you had left when you pulled the throttle.

How did you come about owning the motorcycle you have now?

– I was at a carshow and my friend came by with a few of his buddies. They were all on bobbers and I had never seen one before. The style was a perfect match to my taste and I asked him about it. I later picked one up with the help of him and the other guys from San Jose bobbers aka LnSpltBlvd aka Legion Cycles. We chopped, welded, and duct taped the bike to what other know now as EL BBQ.

What inspired you to modify your motorcycle?

– If you look at a stock Honda shadow, it’s pretty hideous… Every build starts off similar (chopped frame, rejet, velocity stacks etc..) but all the details are up to you. You get to add you own personal style and I didn’t want just any bobber, I wanted to build the bike of my dreams with a small budget. That’s the best part about this lifestyle. Not any two bikes are the same.

Are there any difficulties you run into owning a motorcycle like yours?

– All the time.. it wouldn’t be a bobber if it was worry free. My bobber has no issues…said no one ever!! You really got to know what you’re doing and what each part of what’s left of the bike does. With a fully rigid frame, nuts and bolts are going to get loose from all the vibration. Its good to have friends in the hobby though, they have saved me one too many times but its all part of the culture. All of our bikes are garage built and never touched a shops floor. You learn along the way, that’s how I learned. There’s nothing better than brotherhood, beer, and bikes.

What is your dream motorcycle and why?

– I have many dream motorcycles from a ducati monster to a Harley knucklehead. My dream motorcycle is the one that gets me through the twisties and out the other end.

Aside from motorcycle what else do you like to do?

– I work full time as a production manager at a logistics company..boring I know! But by night! I am the co founder of V2 productions. Check us out on Instagram @v2productions. We are cinematographers and we cover events, birthdays, music videos..whatever you want us to film, we’ll film! I also like to mess around with cars, build random stuff, ride dirt bikes..too many things to list. As my good friend Cary once described himself as, Jack of all trades, master of none.

What if you woke up in a new Bugatti?

– Id ask my drug dealer…what the hell did I just take?!?!?! Haha jk! I would sell it. There are so many things I can do with the money than drive that car a few times. Travel, buy all of my dream cars and motorcycles, take over the world.. you know, the normal things. Im a simple man. My gf seems to disagree on that last part haha.

How did you hear about FKN Famous, and what do you think of us?

– Jerry is a good friend of mine so I always support everything he does. Am I FKN FAMOUS yet?!?!?!?

Any last shout outs?

– Shout out to my mom for giving birth to me, to the person who invented motorcycles, all the guys in SJBOBBERS, LnSpltBlvd, Legion Cycles, and of course, my gf who supports me in all my craziness.

Photo credits go to: Basil Sar

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