Fkn’ Hotties – Divina Wong

Fkn’ Hotties – Divina Wong

It’s time to unveil this week’s Hottie of the Week! Today we’ve got a very talented and beautiful Chinese hottie by the name of Divina Wong! Join us as we get to know Divina Wong a little more and how she started out in the modeling industry! Divina Wong is definitely a hottie you don’t want to miss out on!

Name: Divina Wong
Nationality: Chinese
Hometown: Vancouver, BC (Canada)
Measurements: 36C-27-37
Astrological Sign: Leo


So tell us about a little about yourself?

– Born and raised in lovely Vancouver/Raincouver, BC! My talents include sleeping anywhere, anytime, staring into space contemplating life, and being able to lay in bed all day. Besides that, I am down-to-earth and a real wild child. I’m attracted to the unknown, but also the good things in life and am always seeking adventure. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I’m very interested in psychology and I love hearing stories about how people came to be.

How did you get into modeling & how long have you been modeling for?

– When I was 15, I imagined myself growing into the high fashion side of the industry. I gave up before I even started because something was missing. A couple years later, a photographer friend of mine from my those awkward years contacted me and we did a shoot. By this time I was covered in tattoos and when I saw the images, I was like “ah, tattoo modeling, this is what was missing.” It was the timing too. And I say that because after high school, my personality/looks both obtained some edge. I’ve been modeling for a little over a year now and I’m motivated to continue further into the industry.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

– I think it’s more than being in front of the camera and voguing it out. Depending on the setting, looks and mood, it challenges me to bring a certain persona out of me. It’s a different experience every shoot. And I enjoy having those personas permanently captured.

What was your most embarrassing moment while modeling?

– When I couldn’t suck in anymore and just let the tsunami rolls of chubbiness loose. Oops.

What’s the worse or most unprofessional thing that a photographer has done during a photo shoot?

– I’m very selective with my photographers. Luckily, I haven’t experienced anything unprofessional.

What have been your highlights in your modeling career?

– I’ve been featured on a local brand, and FKN Famous! Besides that, I am on the pursuit to shoot with more brands and fashion photographers.

What part of your body attracts the most attention?

– Legs, back, and arms. It’s my trademark. Tattoos!

What is one feature you wish you had more of?

– I feel straight as a ruler most of the time. So, I’d love some curves!

What’s the quickest way to your heart?

– Humor and romance. I’m so into that corny, lovely dovey, fairy tale kind of love. It’s disgusting.

Do you have a quote that you live by?

– Take pride in being whoever the f*ck you want to be. Because in any given event or action, you will be judged. Live and love freely for you and only you. Above all; to thine own self be true.

What’s the worst memorable thing a guy has done to get your attention?

– This one guy attempted to hit on me with a full on horse mask on. Continuously following me down the street. Bye Felicia.

If you could be on the cover of any magazine which magazine would it to be and why?

– Maxim, Inked, Tattoo life, Sports Illustrated. All those publications represent all aspects of beauty around the world.

Give us 3 words that you think best describes you and why?

– Social, spontaneous and hungry.
Social because I find thrill in meeting a variety of people. Also cause I don’t shut up often. Too social sometimes.
Spontaneous because I seek out a lot of random experiences at any given time. And I love going on escapades with friends.
Hungry, because I believe I have potential, direction and ambition in my endeavors. And also, I’m legit hungry for food all the time. Double meaning.

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

– I would much rather be an anti-hero. Deadpool to be exact. But with a vagina. That guy speaks to me. Someone who has a extensive past, but can laugh his way through with a great sense of humour. He embraces his good/bad traits. Beautifully flawed. Like how humans are. #deep

In a fire what would you save? Makeup/shoes/purses (only choose one & why)?

– Makeup. Shoes are most likely already all chipped cause I’m a klutz, and I’m not a purse fanatic. Yet.

What is something your parents don’t know about you?

– They know everything about me. I’m very close to my parents. They do have this illusion that I’m a total angel, though.

Can you fight, or are you the one who all the girls beat up and grab by the hair.

– I get physical when I need to be, just like all women. It takes a lot of disrespect from someone to get that side out of me.

How did you hear about FKN Famous an what do you think of it?

– A couple of people have mentioned it to me and I think FKN Famous is awesome! It represents all types of beautiful women.

Aside from modeling, what is your number one goal?

– To eat and not get fat. Just kidding, my ultimate goal is to just experience all that life has to offer and to make my loved ones, happy.

Any last words to your supporters and future fans?

– Thank you for all your love and support through my journey! I wish to bring the gift of delicious desserts to you all when I’m successful one day. XOXO

Photos used in this article were taken by the talented: Jessica Passecker, Dave Stanway, Adam L., and Jason Mordeno

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