LUSH Holiday Package

LUSH Holiday Package

The holidays is here and I know everyone is probably running around trying to find a good gift your loved one. Well LUSH was very kind enough to send over a few of their hot sellers for this little gift guide. All of these are at very affordable prices and are awesome to have as stocking stuffers as well as gifts. Shout out to LUSH Cosmetics for the awesome opportunity again!

Attacking us with all sorts of awesome scents is this package from LUSH. LUSH presented us with a variety of things.

First off we have a bubble bar called Bar Humbug. “It’s all humbug, I tell you. Humbug! If the Christmasy sights seem horrible as can be, cleansing tarragon mixed with relaxing fennel provide a welcome antidote. ‘Tis the season of avoidable merriment, so pop on a frown and crumble this moody, deep purple bar under running water. Its enticing licorice scent with softening organic illipe butter provide safe haven for Scrooges.” You can find this at LUSH for about $6.95.

Next we have the Golden Wonder. “Fancy an uplifting cocktail? Cognac and zesty lime oils get this bath party started with mood-brightening scents while sweet orange oil refreshes the senses. In the water, this present-shaped fizzer unwraps itself to reveal glittering golden luster and a sparkling turquoise explosion. Don’t wait until Christmas day to bathe yourself in festive luxury!” This is available at LUSH for about $6.95.

Another awesome bath bomb is Cinders.”Heat up your holidays with this sweet and spicy bomb inspired by fireside gatherings with family and friends. We combine crackling vegan popping candy with stimulating cinnamon leaf oil to recreate the warmth of the hearth. With a bath so inviting, you can skip the open fire and curl up with this fizzer instead.” This is available at LUSH for about $4.95.

Last but definitely not least we have the Magic Wand. “Close your eyes, swish your Magic Wand in the tub as it fills, and your wish for mounds of sweet cotton candy-scented bubbles will be granted! There’s enough magic in this wand for several baths full of candy-scented bubbles and sweet pink waters, so pop it on the side of your tub for the next time you need a magical bathtime escape.” This is also available at LUSH for about $9.95

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