Fkn’ Hotties – Ashley D. Casida

Fkn’ Hotties – Ashley D. Casida

Happy 2016 everyone, what better way to kick things off than unveiling this weeks hottie of the week. Today we’ve got a very talented and beautiful Hispanic, European, Native American hottie by the name of Ashley D. Casida! Join us as we get to know Ashley D. Casida a little more and how she started out in the modeling industry! Ashley D. Casida is definitely a hottie you don’t want to miss out on!

Name: Ashley D. Casida
Nationality: Hispanic, European, Native American
Hometown: Hanford, CA
Measurements: 32, 24, 36
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

So tell us about a little about yourself?

– I’m just a small town girl, no not living in a lonely world, but living in Hanford, CA. I own an antique store called Rustic Angels. I’d like to think I’m pretty laid back for a girl but we all know there’s a little bit of devil in these angel eyes😈

How did you get into modeling & how long have you been modeling for?

– Actually my first photoshoot was an idea of a local photog, Phil Perez, about 5 months ago. I’ve always wanted to model but just needed the extra push and maybe a little pep talk to know I could do it.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

– I’m usually a really sensitive and selfless person so modeling is a way for me to be in the spotlight when I don’t have my spotlight on others.

What was your most embarrassing moment while modeling?

– I haven’t had any truly embarrassing moments, I’m sure they’ll come but it’s hard to embarrass a weirdo like me lol

What’s the worse or most unprofessional thing that a photographer has done during a photo shoot?

– Thank sweet baby Jesus nothing has happened during a shoot but when photogs play hard to get or act like I’m “thirsty” for responding to their DMs, it gets awkward and annoying. Let’s just collab and make magic, don’t make it complicated lol

What have been your highlights in your modeling career?

– I love working with clothing brands and getting to be apart of their vision, I pride myself on being a chameleon.

What part of your body attracts the most attention?

– Lips or butt for sure but I really like when my height, or lack of, attracts attention. I know I’m on the shorter side so I appreciate it when I can represent the shorties in a positive way.

What is one feature you wish you had more of?

– I’m currently working on toning up some more and of course we all want bigger butts😻

What’s the quickest way to your heart?

– Pizza, cheeseburgers, and trap rap❤️

Do you have a quote that you live by?

– “I never lose, either I win or I learn”

What’s the worst memorable thing a guy has done to get your attention?

– D*** pics have to be the worst by far but specifically I’ve had someone try to get my attention then actually get angry with me after not responding fast enough lol

If you could be on the cover of any magazine which magazine would it to be and why?

– Maxim specifically or any magazine that embraces sexiness. I’m all about sex appeal, not a lot of people have natural sexiness.

Give us 3 words that you think best describes you and why?

– Straight forward, maybe a little too blunt sometimes, positive, and humble. I tend to be open and honest with just about everything, sometimes even hurting feelings because I’m too honest🙈 Im definitely known for being a little too positive, ruined plans don’t ever ruin my day, I always have a solution or alternative answer for everything. I’d like to think of myself as a modern day hippie or someone with an old soul.

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

– Even with the opportunity to have powers I would still choose to be myself because we all have the ability to be a hero and have an impact on people’s lives with or without superhero powers.

In fire what would you save makeup/shoes/purses (only choose one & why)?

– I honestly wouldn’t save any of those, of course my first reaction was to save my makeup, but it can all be replaced. I’d be a crazy person and start trying to drag my vintage furniture out the door.

What is something your parents don’t know about you?

– My parents and I are super close, could be considered weird, but who else can you tell your most awful secrets to if you can’t tell them? At least they won’t judge me and if I’m in trouble they’d be the first to get me out of it lol

Can you fight, or are you the one who all the girls beat up and grab by the hair?

– I don’t want to pull a Rhonda Rousey but let’s just say I can definitely defend myself if I have to.

How did you hear about FKN Famous an what do you think of it?

– I heard about FKN Famous Mag through Instagram and I love it! I get a lot of inspiration from it and I’m really excited to be a part of it 😄✨

Aside from modeling, what is your number one goal?

– My number one goal is to be successful, and by successful I don’t mean be a millionaire, even though that would be awesome. My idea of success is being able to make my parents proud and hopefully be able to take care of them one day.

Any last words to your supporters and future fans?

– Live like today is your last day; Tell your family you love them while you can, be thankful for everything you have and not sad about what you don’t, we are all relatable on some level somewhere you just have to find your niche. Like my grandma always tells me, “Do it while you can.”

Photos used in this article were taken by: atmos559 & mishanw.

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