CO.ALITION – The Colfax

CO.ALITION – The Colfax

If you are on the go all the time like us. It may be hard finding the perfect bag to haul around all of your stuff. Well we’ve got an awesome suggestion. The folks over at CO.ALITION sent us over their Colfax backpack. An I must say, it’s definitely a backpack to look into.

I’ve been in the market for a new backpack for a while now. Since I’ve upgraded my laptop to a 15in Macbook it’s been a little hard to find the perfect backpack that would fit it. Being that most of the time people are going smaller with laptops. The folks over at CO.ALITION presented us with their latest “Colfax” backpack.

The Colfax from CO.ALITION had a lot of awesome features as well as a great amount of storage space for all your daily necessities.

The design of The Colfax was very simple, clean and straight forward. But a lot of the little small details made it very eye catching. An awesome feature is that The Colfax is water-proof.

Another awesome feature is their magnetic buckles which is featured on The Colfax only. At first it was a little hard to figure out how to open it. But after trying numerous ways. I finally figured out how to open it. So iwth that being said, the magnetic buckles definitely makes it tamper proof.

As stated before throughout the bag there is just numerous places to put things.

Another awesome cool feature with The Colfax is that you can charge your devices. An if you’ve run out of juice it has a integrated power cable you can use for wall adapters to charge your pack back up. Another awesome feature is that there is also a slot for a wireless mobile hard drive.

Now for the actual test. Yes my 15in Macbook Pro did fit perfectly fine (without a case). But with a case it was a little tough and snugged. It also fits an iPad Mini. An where the wireless hard drive is suppose to be I actually found a spot for an iPhone 6S Plus. Overall CO.ALITION did an amazing job with The Colfax. The Colfax for about $199.00 (without power supply). Additional fees for included power supply and wireless hard drive. It also comes in two different colorways as well. I would highly recommend this backpack to anyone. An before we end this article, I would love to thank CO.ALITION for this awesome opportunity.

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CO.ALITION - The Colfax

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