Every company has it’s own story, so let’s tell you ours. FKN Famous was founded in 2008 by a individual by the name of Jerry Rodrigo. In 2008 the direction FKN Famous was going for was to showcase female talent from models, makeup artists, singers, and so much more. FKN Famous wanted to give those individuals their time to shine and show people what they have to offer. Now after interning at a few online magazines over the year, those businesses begin to take a slight turn with their approach in business. We felt that it was the right time to move forward with FKN Famous.

So in 2010 FKN Famous took a slight turn and started to explore various talents, not mainly focusing on female talent. We wanted FKN Famous to be your one stop premiere online magazine for everything ranging from individual talent, music, product reviews, fashion, girls, automotive. FKN Famous wanted to bring diversity to our website.

In 2011 FKN Famous officially launched. FKN Famous a premiere online lifestyle magazine that was devoted to showcasing individual talent and companies from all over the world. We wanted our website to be user friendly and straight to the point with features and topics. We focused on numerous things but always kept our main focus on our individual talent. At FKN Famous we love helping out others in the community and showing support for everything they do. Helping individuals and companies get their name out there and provide them with the proper exposure.


Now we always get the question about what FKN Famous means. We especially get a lot of questions in regards to what the “FKN” part stands for; a lot of people think that each letter stands for something individually. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean anything individually. FKN basically means “#UC%!N”, exactly how you would sound it out. We wanted a name that would be very catchy. In addition to the name we decided to add “Famous” because of course that is something everyone wants to be someday and that’s exactly what we do on a daily. When putting them together you get “FKN Famous”. Many individuals love it, some don’t. We of course know that the name can contain a bit of profanity. But in all honesty, all that matters to us is that we love what we do. We love to make people famous!


Our main mission at FKN Famous is to build a strong relationship with our clients. FKN Famous will always work by your side to get your name or company out there in the industry. We want to make sure that you get the proper exposure needed in all areas. Another mission is to give our viewers awareness of new things to come and what to look forward to in the future. Aside from all that we also love to help you with motivational tips, and advice to keep things moving forward.


Print or Online Only?
– We get this questions a lot. Although we would love to print out copies, in today’s leading market things are more easier to access online or mobile. FKN Famous is mainly an online lifestyle magazine. We are looking to put together some digital issues sometime in the future. But for now we will remain online only.

Where is FKN Famous based?
– FKN Famous main headquarters is based out of Northern California, bay area to be exact. A majority of our staff members are located in the SFBay Area.

Is FKN Famous a clothing brand?
– We always get this question a lot, and the answer will continue to be NO. We only create exclusive pieces in relations to our website. These pieces are exclusively for our supporters. Will we ever start a clothing line? Maybe but it will be a branch off of FKN Famous.

How can I be a part of FKN Famous?
– Simply check out our internship page, we’ve got various positions open at the moment.

Does FKN Famous offer sponsorships?
– At the moment we are not offering any sponsorships to any individuals or groups. Maybe in the future we will look into it, but at the moment we are not moving forward with any sponsorships.


Northern California
– Jerry R. | Founder, Chief Editor, Webmaster

Current Interns
There are no current active interns at this time.

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