Want to place your brand, services or products in front of our broad urban skewed demographic? Now’s your chance to increase exposure and reach the target market you want. A successful business advertises to broadcast their company and expand their brand awareness.

FKN Famous offers a variety of solutions to meet your marketing objectives.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with FKN Famous. We are honored to have your potential partnership with us. We are looking forward to conducting business with your company as well as expanding each other in numerous ways. You have chosen the right long term industry partner. We are very happy that you have selected FKN Famous to help promote yourself to the globe, as well as having us be a part of your movement. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. From standard sized banner ads to sponsored editorial, we at FKN Famous offers competitive ad rates to fit any company’s small or large marketing budget. We offer a number of different areas for advertising which is featured below.

Featured Slider Ad
Located on our main home page above an under our exclusive featured content. This area gets the most exposure an clicks. Advertise on here to gain the maximum exposure possible. Dimensions: 570 width x 60 height.

Header Banner Ad
Located right above the navigation menu to the right of our main logo. This is where we post up banner ads above the navigation menu to the right of our main logo. High reach and exposure. Dimensions: 468 width x 60 height.

Footer Banner Ad
Located at the very bottom of our page, just under the location where people can navigate through pages. Dimensions: 728 width x 90 height

Sidebar Banner Ad
Located on the sidebar of our website, this is a great location for people to notice your ad while reading daily content. Dimensions: 280 width x 300 height.

Editorial Banner Ad
Located at the top an bottom of any of our editorial content. This area get the most exposure an clicks, your ad will always be noticed while reading daily content. Dimensions: 570 width x 60 height.

Those are just a few of the advertisement spaces we have to offer.

– Include some information about your company.
– Include areas of interest for advertising an how long you would like to advertise.
– Subject line : FKN Famous | Advertise
– Send to :

If you have any questions or would like more details, feel free to contact us at the suggested email listed above. Please allow a FKN Famous representative to contact you within 48 hours.


A general statistic for the targeted audience and readership of FKN-FAMOUS.COM

Targeted age group: 17-28
Male Readers: 73% Average
Female Readers: 27% Average
Daily Readership: 3800 – 5100 unique readers
Weekly Readership: 25,500 – 30,400 unique readers
Monthly Readership: 65,000 – 85,000 unique readers
Social Following: Facebook 500k ; Instagram 9k

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