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About FKN Famous
– Released in 2011, FKN Famous is a premiere online lifestyle magazine that is devoted to showcasing individual talent from all over the world. We’ve featured various talents ranging from street-wear, models, music artist, djs, and many more. FKN Famous also conducts various in-depth product/clothing reviews, and cover daily news that revolve around the latest trends and topics. Aside from our daily feeds, we also love to provide event coverage. Over the year we’ve been expanding from our original content. FKN Famous likes to keep a variety of topics, so that there is a little something for everyone.

International Readership
– From our current statistics it shows that some of the top countries that view our website on a daily basis includes the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, China, India, Germany and the Netherlands. As you can see we try to touch base with just about everyone from around the world. With that you can assume the strong possibility that any talent, brand, or product featured on this site will have a vast readership spanning the globe.

General Statistics
Targeted age group: 17-28
Male Readers: 73% Average
Female Readers: 27% Average
Daily Readership: 3800 – 5100 unique readers
Weekly Readership: 25,500 – 30,400 unique readers
Monthly Readership: 65,000 – 85,000 unique readers
Social Following: Facebook 500k ; Instagram 5k

Target Goal
– With the explained age group and output of our website, we strive to continue to provide the same type of material that is requested. Since we ourselves are in that target age group we can easily put it out in a way that is received correctly. With that we are always looking to advance in all of our content and bring nothing but the newest and latest trends and topics that everyone can relate to.

Social Goal
– The social goal of FKN Famous is what is helping out website progress the way it has been progressing. Not only is FKN Famous pushing daily post on our Twitter and Facebook accounts but the talented individuals and companies we’ve featured on our website has been spreading the word about our daily post and features which is why we are increasing readers and views every single month. At FKN Famous we also love to interact with our viewers and clients to build a strong relationship with one another.

Social Goal Example
– As an example to our social goals we take a recent interview we did with a clothing line. After being featured on our website we shared the content with our readers Twitter, Facebook (500K Likes), and Instagram (5K Followers) followers. The interview was always passed along to our clients’ supports and social network followers. Assuming some of their following has checked out the interview we can assume that a cluster of them will become daily or weekly readers of FKN Famous. Another example is when we conducted a in-depth review on the clothing brand. We give our viewers and social network followers a better look at what they can expect upon ordering. After conducting these reviews we’ve noticed a increase in sales with our clients as well as new supporters and viewers.

– As we interview and feature more and more talent and products with followings in the hundreds to into the tens of thousands our readership and progress will continue to grow. We love to build a strong relationship with those new brands and companies out there that are looking to meet the same target to contact us so that we can expand together.


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