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FKN Famous is always open to new talent, that’s what we are all about. Showing you the support that you need to get your name out there in the industry. FKN Famous is a professional online lifestyle magazine dedicated to publishing compelling content for the world to see. We feature a wide range of talent from all over the world. FKN Famous is open to working with anyone that has a strong passion to succeed an be heard.


– Automotive : Tuners, Shops, Part Makers
– Music : DJs, Producers, Music Artist, Dance Groups, Bboys/Bgirls
– Talent : Models, Public Figures, Celebrities, YouTube Sensations
– Business : Clothing lines, Boutiques, Stores, Restaurants/Food Trucks
– Others : Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Shops, Barbers, Hairstylist, Painters

We are always open to other talents as well, even if it’s not listed above!


– We are always open to doing in-depth product reviews. Please contact us for shipping info.


– Writing a 4-6 sentence paragraph about (yourself, brand, bio, etc).
– Attach about 2-3 photos, designs, mp3s, etc.
– Supply links to your website
– Subject line : FKN Famous | Features
– Send to :

After placing your submission please allow representative to contact you within 48 hours.


Who gets featured on FKN Famous?
– We are open to feature anyone on FKN Famous. We always look for the potential candidates that have a strong passion for what they do. It doesn’t matter if you are a big or small named in the industry we are here to help you get your name out.

Why should I be featured on FKN Famous?
– Well one problem everyone runs into is getting your name out their an gaining the exposure that’s needed. This is where being featured on FKN Famous comes in handy. When conducting a feature we many sure we help you gain the proper exposure you need. To help you gain more traffic, views, fans that you need.

How long does the feature stay up?
– After being featured on FKN Famous your feature will be on our website forever.

Is there a cost to be featured on FKN Famous?
– There is absolutely NO COST to be featured on our website. We love doing our job an helping individuals like you.

How do I get featured?
– All you got to do is send us the required information listed above, and a FKN Famous representing will contact you after reviewing your submission. We will contact you with more information as well the next step to becoming featured on FKN Famous.

Alexandra Wonderland

CO.ALITION - The Colfax

RMD Garage | Long Beach, CA

Publish Womens - Legacy